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Success Story: Dorm Suite Dorm

Dorm Suite Dorm is a success story about how entrepreneurs are using clever web marketing to build their businesses.

Dorm Suite Dorm is the on-line headquarters for custom designed dorm bedding, and it's a success story about how entrepreneurs are using clever web marketing to build their businesses. Company founder Sheri Corey credits a healthy dose of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)  with helping fuel her company's growth. Dorm Suite Dorm is web based dorm bedding design business that launched 18 months ago with a web site and on-line commerce center designed by Infomedia.

Designer duvet covers, dust ruffles, draperies and pillows created by Dorm Suite Dorm  are brightening college dorm rooms from the University of Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, Wake Forest, College of Charleston, Washington and Lee, Furman, UVA and the University of Georgia – to  Vanderbilt, Rhodes, Arizona, Texas, SMU,  The University of Southern California and points in between.

Dorm Suite Dorm founder Sheri Corey was a successful designer with a workroom producing custom draperies, bedding, slipcovers and decorative accessories when Sheri identified a market for designer dorm bedding. She instinctively knew that the web was the place to go to reach her market- girls heading off to college.

When launching Dorm Suite Dorm, Sheri had to watch her marketing budget, and her business formula demanded that she see measurable return on investment (ROI) for every marketing penny spent. So the question became, how does a start-up, boutique dorm bedding design business compete head-on with big competition, huge retailers from Anthropologie and  Pottery Barn to Target and JC Penney,  that are spending tens of millions of dollars to boost their on-line presence?

Sheri found the answer in Search Engine Optimization. Working closely with Infomedia's Chief SEO Strategist, Jerry Brown, she was able to map out an on-line strategy that has produced remarkable results: prime placement in Google and other search engines. Just as important, Sheri has been able to convert site visits to sales, and Dorm Suite Dorm posted sales increases of more than 500% over the past 12 months.

Sheri's advice for companies considering an investment in Search Engine Optimization?

"Do your homework, work with an expert who can craft your strategy, be willing to try new things, and be patient.  It was worth every penny we spent on SEO with Infomedia. It is so exciting to see your numbers escalate so quickly,"  says Sheri.  

Drawing website visitors is only a piece of the recipe for success, according to Sheri. "We love to interact with our customers, and during the design process we get to know many of the young women we are creating designs for. The move to college life is such a big step, and we love being a part of it through blogging, live chat and even phone conversations."   

Despite the economic crunch, Dorm Suite Dorm is posting steadily increasing sales, and Sheri is convinced there will always be a market for consumers who are interested in fine, high quality, custom designed bedding and home accessories that can easily make the move from college dorm room to "first apartment". Sheri is constantly refreshing her line, adding new fabrics, designs and accessories each season. She is also tuned into emerging web marketing opportunities, with a proven approach that meticulous marketing planning on the front end can produce growth and profitability for the long run.

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