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Happy Star Wars Day from Infomedia!

Each year, Star Wars fans celebrate May the Fourth as a holiday because a play on words turns the saying “May the Force Be with You” into “May the Fourth Be with You.”

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Today’s one of the most important days of the year to us here at Infomedia — it’s Star Wars Day! Okay, okay … maybe it’s not “important” in the literal sense of the word. But we do enjoy celebrating May the 4th in style. Today we’ll be bringing in pizza and a few Star Wars-themed snacks (check out our Instagram and Facebook for updates throughout the day on that front). We also thought we’d take a trip down memory lane to check out a few of our favorite Star Wars-themed posts:

That Time We Compared Ourselves to Star Wars Characters

It’s often said that Star Wars is so relevant because it’s so relatable. We tested that theory in our blog The Force Is Strong with Us, where we matched up Infomedians to the characters we think they’d correspond with.

That Time We Took Seeing Star Wars Movies REALLY Seriously

Seeing Star Wars movies is a ritual for many of us here at Infomedia — we want to see them first, see them repeatedly, and give our interpretations and impressions by the time we regroup together at work. Do or Do Not See Star Wars Rogue: There Is No Try is our guide for getting the most out of a Star Wars movie.

That Time We Celebrated May the Fourth at Work

For Star Wars Day last year, we took a look at why Star Wars is so important to us and how it resonates with staff members. In the post May the Fourth Be with You, Infomedians talk about their Star Wars memories.

That Time We Got Inspired by Stormtroopers

When we found out the Stormtroopers in Star Wars changed from their original white to chrome, we decided to have a little fun and write Chrome Is the New White, a roundup of our favorite extensions for Google Chrome.

That Time We Hated on Jar Jar Binks

In another web design-themed post inspired by Star Wars, we looked at the most irritating Star Wars character of all — Jar Jar Binks. In Find Your Company’s Jar Jar Binks, we talked about ways websites irritate customers so you can avoid them.

That Time We Quoted Obi-Wan

The Force can help Jedi masters influence people, but those of us who aren’t schooled in mind-control tactics need a little assistance. In our post These ARE the Droids You’re Looking for, we outline our favorite Apps that help Droid users out of tight spots.


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