Show your picture in search results by enabling Google authorship

Google Authorship allows us to have our pictures show up in search results. It's pretty easy to set up. I'll walk you through it.

The google search page of wordpress emmy's

If you use Google often, you’ve noticed that some results have thumbnails of images of blog post authors in the Google search results. It looks like this:
The google search page of wordpress emmy's
This is possible if a website has what’s called Google Authorship enabled. Enabling Google Authorship makes your result stand out compared to the competing results, and it’s pretty easy to implement.

Almost all Infomedia websites have the WordPress SEO plugin installed by default. The only other thing you need to enable Google Authorship is a Google+ page for yourself or your business. You can do that by going to and signing up with your regular Google username. Once you sign up, go to Google+, and in the left menu, click “Profile,” then click “About” to view your profile options. One section in the “Links” section of your profile will say “Contributor to,” and you can edit this section to add your website.

Once your website is added to your Google+ profile, you simply need to add the link to your Google+ profile in your WordPress profile. Login to your WordPress site, and on the left hand side, click “Users” and then “Your Profile.” As long as the WordPress SEO plugin is installed, you should have a field titled “Google +.” Just paste the URL for your Google+ profile there, and click save! That URL will look something like this:

Now your Google+ profile image should start showing up in search results for people that find posts or pages you are the author of. To confirm you have everything setup correctly, you can go to Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and paste a sample blog post where you are the author and see the analysis, as shown below.

Congratulations, you’re all set up! And of course, remember that we are here for you. If you have any troubles, feel free to call support and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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