Infomedia’s Website Gets a New Look

What happens when a web development company goes through a web redesign? Responsive design, better navigation, and a great new look.

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We’re very proud of the websites we build for our clients, and we work hard to be sure they’re current and user-friendly. But until this month, our own site wasn’t as good as it could have been. It’s like that expression, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.” We were so busy building sites for other companies that we hadn’t made time to work on our own.

All that changed this summer, though, when we finally put ourselves on the list for a website redesign. What’s changed? Look around the site to explore what’s new, but here are a few of our favorite features:

Responsive Design

If you’re a client of ours, you’re probably shocked that we didn’t have responsive design already. Responsive design allows the site to conform to the size of any screen so it works perfectly on smartphones and tablets, and we recommend it highly for our clients. When we first designed our site, responsive wasn’t an option for us. Now that it is, we want to take full advantage.

Clear Navigation

We listened to our clients through the years as they told us what they liked and didn’t like about the website. We fixed the navigation to address that feedback and make it easier for our clients to find exactly what they’re looking for when they visit our site.

In-Depth Portfolio

We think our potential clients want to see more than just a screenshot or two of a finished website when they’re making a decision about whether or not to hire us for website design. What we bring to the table is more than just a pretty design; we make sure it’s functional and meets the needs of the client, too. It can be difficult to notice those features in a picture or a site demo, so we’ve asked our designers and developers to write a little more about their favorite projects. Check out our Infomedia project portfolio here.

Easy User Connections

Before our new site, our blog didn’t stand out unless a user was looking specifically for it. You can still use the menu navigation to get here easily, but now individual blog stories are also on the front page of our site, and there are entry points to the blog in other places, too. We also added an email capture for anyone who wants to keep in touch with updates about Infomedia or entries to our blog.

We hope you enjoy our site renovation. We love the look, but it’s only successful if it’s working for you. Love or hate the new design? We’d love your feedback in the comments.


About Jason

Jason loves finding creative ways to solve client problems, and he’s always looking for ways to help clients use technology to get more done while building up the bottom line. Don’t ask this guy to read the manual; he believes technology should be intuitive, and you shouldn’t need to follow directions to get it right. This belief comes in handy when he’s demanding the best user experience for our clients (not so much when putting together Ikea desks). To be happy, all Jason really needs is time with his family: wife, Shawndee, and kids Isaac, Juliette, James and Mary Rose — but a good cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll at Savage’s wouldn’t hurt.

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