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Our 5 Favorite Remote Work Tools

Because of COVID-19, many companies have transitioned to remote work — and it happened quickly and without much warning.

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We’ve all been adjusting to the new normal, and part of that means not seeing our coworkers in person. Companies still have goals to reach, sales to make and projects to launch, and we know there’s no time to waste — even in quarantine. Here are five tools that have allowed our team to continue to thrive while working remotely.

1. Slack

Slack is a communication tool that we’ve used for years, but it’s become more of a necessity during quarantine times. In a nutshell, it’s an instant messaging tool for the workplace that gives you the ability to create multiple channels for different groups of people and send direct messages. You can also call or video chat within channels or direct messages, update your status and take advantage of integrations like Giphy, Google Calendar and Google Drive. Slacking has made us more productive (pun intended) because we can instantly send and receive updates throughout the day, and no one is left in the dark.

2. G-Suite

Google Suite encompasses several features like Google Drive, Google Calendar and Gmail. Using a central system for all of our files, emails and events has made the process of scheduling remote meetings and collaborating on processes effortless. Plus, when you schedule a meeting through Google Calendar, it automatically creates a Google Meet link for everyone to join. Using G-Suite also allows you to view and edit documents at the same time as coworkers, which is essential for maximizing productivity.

3. Trello

Trello is a project management software that gives your team a bird’s eye view of each project and where it currently stands in production. Think of Trello as a bulletin board with Post-it notes. It’s played a big part in keeping us organized and in the know while working remotely, and can be used for all different types of businesses. Trello allows you to create checklists and due dates within each card, along with letting you tag team members to catch their attention or ask questions.

4. Remote Meeting Tools

One of the biggest hurdles in working remotely is — you guessed it — meetings. We’re used to seeing friendly faces in the office and meeting with clients in person, but social distancing has made that impossible. We’ve learned that it’s easy to meet virtually by using tools like Zoom, Slack or Google Meet. All of these platforms give you the ability to meet with one or several people on your team and invite clients when necessary. We’ve even used Google Hangouts to have virtual happy hours with our team on Beer Friday (our favorite Infomedia tradition).

5. VPN

Lots of companies host sensitive information online, and even if your company doesn’t, it’s always a good idea to protect your web experience. You can do that by investing in a VPN, or virtual private network. Our team uses a VPN so that no one can access our internal services, but it’s also useful if you’re working at a coffee shop or any public space where other people have access to the wifi. VPNs provide an extra level of security no matter where you’re working, so it’s never a bad idea to have one.

Want to learn more?

Don’t let yourself get disconnected while working from home — instead, use these tools to stay organized and on the right track. If you’d like to learn more about these tools, their uses and how they work, we’ve got you covered. Our Vice President of Strategic Planning, Carrie Rollwagen, hosts a weekly podcast called the Localist. You can tune in to the recent episode featuring Michael Stuckey, Head of Support Development, where we discuss how our team at Infomedia uses these tools while working remotely.

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