10 Reasons Your Business Should Have Its Own Podcast

We're all busy with a million things — but an engaging business podcast has real potential to connect your brand and message.

Want to get noticed? A podcast might be the answer! Sure, everyone is busy and attention spans are short — but an engaging podcast has real potential to connect your brand and message. Want convincing reasons why you should take the plunge? Here’s what it can bring:

Create Customer Retention and Loyalty

Customers are more loyal when they feel like they know you, and a podcast is a great way to speak to them directly. When customers can hear from you directly from their car while commuting to the office, or from their kitchen while washing dishes, it creates a close level of trust that can lead to deeper loyalty.

Highlight Management or Staff

There are most likely people on your team who do great work but are never spotlighted — the unsung heroes of your organization. Interviewing them on a podcast is a way to not only let customers in on what makes them special but also to show those staff members that you value their contributions.

Speak Directly to Staff

Your podcast doesn’t necessarily have to be customer-facing. Did you know you can create a private podcast feed just for your staff members? If your staff members hate reading emails, creating a company podcast could be the right way to communicate information quickly and easily.

Create Some Validation

If you’re a new company and still proving your worth, producing a podcast is a way of creating the appearance of external validation. Even though you’re actually creating your own work, it still seems to most of the outside world that someone else (like Apple) is giving you their stamp of approval.

Boost Your Nurture Email Campaign

Most marketers will tell you not to make all your emails or content “sales-y”. When you regularly give your customers free tips and advice without asking them to buy something, they respond much more positively when you DO ask them to make a purchase. Coming up with content for these nurture campaigns is hard — unless you have a podcast. Just write up an email about your latest podcast and send it with a link to your clients.

Improve Internal Onboarding

At Infomedia, we add a few key episodes of our podcast, One Quick Question, to the training process for new employees. We can communicate important information that we cover in the episodes, and it’s also a nice break from reading manuals and insurance details.

Provide SEO-Rich Content

There are several great reasons to post podcast transcripts on your site — it’s an additional entry point to the information, and it helps serve people who are hard of hearing. There’s an additional benefit, too. More industry-related words on your site can boost your SEO. But not all transcripts are created equal — the way many transcripts are posted isn’t actually indexable by Google. At Infomedia, we can help make sure your podcasts are not just getting listened to but are getting indexed, too.

Establish Your Team as Subject Matter Experts

Business success requires trust from your audience, so why not show them you’re the expert by making sure they can hear it? Create an informative podcast and let your customers know that when it comes to your industry — you’re a trustworthy guide. 

Find New Clients

By using streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts, you can reach an entirely new audience. And with the right metadata accompanying it, these listeners can be converted into loyal clients in no time.

Network for your Business by Bringing on Guests

Connections are key for growth, no matter what business or industry you’re in. What better way to flatter them than with an invitation to speak on your podcast? It’s truly a win-win because they’ll be able to promote themselves at the same time.

Let’s Get Started on Your Business Podcast

If you’ve been considering starting a business podcast to share your message, we’re here to help you get your very own podcast off the ground! Podcasting can be an extremely powerful marketing tool, and we believe that it has great potential to help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way. Let’s talk about your business podcast.

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