What Your Radiology Website Needs

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Keep your patients happy and boost your radiology business’s reach by designing a website that includes these four “must have” features.

Websites can be great resources for patients, covering everything from how to schedule an appointment to which insurances are accepted. Creating a site for your radiology clinic will bring in more business, help current patients stay up-to-date and solidify your spot as a professional medical practice. Read over our four features below that every radiology website should perform:

Highlight Services

Display the services you offer front-and-center on your website. Feature your services either on a large page describing them all, or on smaller pages that are each dedicated to a service. Information to spotlight includes the purpose for the service, what patients can expect and how to prepare for their visit.

Introduce Staff

Medical appointments can be nerve-wracking at the best of times. Help patients get to know your business by displaying your doctors and staff on the website. For your patients, seeing a familiar face from your site might help put them at ease.

Keep Patients In-the-Know

Having a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to your website can be of great assistance to new patients. From what insurances you accept to how long results take, putting this information online will keep your patients informed and save your staff the hassle of answering redundant questions.

Show Ways to Save Time

Most of us like to be in and out of the doctor’s office as soon as possible, so having a section with forms to fill out beforehand can make things speedy and keep patients happy. For this page, it might also be helpful to display things patients need to know beforehand, along with linking to important information like directions or locations. Remember, though, not to collect sensitive patient information through your website; save that for in-person documents.

If you’re needing to create your own radiology website, but aren’t sure where to begin, reach out to us at Infomedia. We off a free, no-commitment consultation that can answer all of your questions. We’ll look over your options and help you get started.

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