What You Should Ask Any Potential Website Support Company

Choosing a new website company is no easy task — there's a lot to consider. Here are questions you must ask any potential company you plan to work with!

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There’s a lot to consider when choosing a new website company. That’s why we put together this quick guide to help you when interviewing potential companies! These are the top questions that any website company should be able to answer with ease. Read on to make sure you end up with the right website company for your business!

Can I Speak With Current or Past Clients?

This question has two benefits. One, you’ll have the opportunity to ask current or past clients about their experience working with that particular website company. Were they responsive? Did they finish the project on time? 

Additionally, you’ll be able to see the finished product. Ask yourself if it matches your brand’s style. If it doesn’t, describe it to your potential website company and see if they can produce any past work to meet your vibe. 

What Does Your Maintenance and Support Look Like?

Any decent website company will be able to give you in-depth information about maintenance and support. Ideally, you’ll want to hire a website company that offers local, 24/7/365 emergency support. 

If the website company you’re talking with doesn’t have a set plan for maintenance and support, run! Don’t walk. You don’t want to be left stranded if something goes wrong! That beautiful, new website means nothing if there’s no one around to fix it when it breaks (and in the world of tech, something always breaks.)

Do You Outsource Any Work?

This one can be a little tricky! Outsourcing can be a great thing — or not. 

Some website companies have the capacity to offer custom copywriting, photography and design services. Others don’t, but as long as it’s being outsourced to a reputable company with solid results, you shouldn’t have any issues. This is another reason it’s great to talk to those current and past clients! 

Watch Out For These Red Flags!

Besides the questions listed above, here are a couple of red flags to watch out for when you’re searching for your next website company:

No Contract? No Thanks!

Contracts don’t just protect the website company — they protect you too! Contracts should nail down all those details like what you’re paying, who you’re paying, who owns what and what exactly you’re getting.

Without that layer of protection, you really have no idea what you’re going to actually get. 

No Portfolio or Testimonials? No Way.

We’ve harped on this a few times, but that’s because it’s SO important to us! Any reputable website company should be able to provide you, at minimum, with a portfolio of their work. If you’re not able to get that or talk to anyone who has done business with them, then it’s best to just keep looking!

Ready To Start Interviewing Website Companies?

Reach out to us! Infomedia does so much more than just build websites. We’re here for any digital solutions you may need. 

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