Learn to Take Your Own Website Photos at Our Workshop

If you post regularly to your website, blog or social media, learning to take your own website photos can save you money and frustration. Infomedia's new workshop will teach you how to get great results using the camera (or phone) you already own.

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In addition to my work at Infomedia, I write a blog and run a podcast, and it can be a struggle to find photography to use with my posts. A couple of years ago, I saw an ad for a weekend photography workshop taught by one of my favorite photographers, Caleb Chancey. It was held all in one weekend and it didn’t require a DSLR camera (so I could use my phone), so I figured I didn’t have a lot to lose.

The workshop was exactly what I was looking for and more. Anyone who’s met Caleb knows that he’s inspired by so much in the world, and the way he shares the things he’s excited about can be magnetic. In his class, he shows both the magic and the craft of photography, and because he’s studied it for so long, he has a lot of knowledge to share. I thought I might be sitting through a lecture all about shutter speed and F-stops, but instead, he shared a passion that was infectious. It was hard not to be inspired.

Caleb broke photography down to practical tips that were accessible for all of us in the workshop, regardless of whether or not we had experience. He taught us how to get a variety of photos that communicated a story, and how to shoot different shapes of photos so they could work together and be used on a magazine page or a website. He had lots of tricks and apps that helped amateur photographers produce professional-looking results.

I even asked Caleb what kind of camera I should get if I decided to invest. I shared what I’d be using it for, and also admitted that I wanted something relatively inexpensive because I wasn’t sure how committed I was to shooting. He recommended the Fuji X100T and shared a website where I could get a discount on a reliable refurbished model for less money. It’s been a fantastic camera for me (not just because of its old school look, but that doesn’t hurt).

I haven’t become a professional photographer, but I am empowered to shoot for my own website, blog and social media when I need to. And when I’m ready to learn more, I have the tools and the knowledge to do it, thanks in part to that class.

Caleb is now a part of Infomedia — we brought him on as Creative Director earlier this year. I’m so excited that he’s going to be offering his photography workshop, adapted for social distancing, to Infomedia clients and anyone else who’d like to sign up. This is something so many of our clients have asked for and needed — tips for shooting their own website photography. I’ve taken the workshop myself, so I know it’s incredible, and I’m confident our clients will be getting their money’s worth — and so much more.

Photography Workshop Dates

Session 1: June 19 and June 26, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Session 2: July 10 and July 17, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Fill out this form or call our Support team at 205-823-4440 for pricing for individuals, teams or private sessions.


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