Passwords, Website Safety & SSL: What You Might Have Missed

For everyone who missed our Lunch & Learn, we've posted the slides so you can browse through what you missed from our training on password security and SSL certificates.

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At Tuesday’s Lunch & Learn, Michael Stuckey, one of our fantastic developers, shared some insight into how to better protect ourselves on the Internet — he covered everything from how to make your personal passwords safer to how to add an SSL certificate to your website to make it more secure for users (and to build trust with Google through SSL).

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the Lunch & Learn, here’s a link to Stuckey’s slides, so you can browse through what you missed. It was a great talk, and our favorite part was how the sometimes scary topic of online security was broken down into simple concepts that apply to life outside the computer, too.

Defending Yourself on the Internet

Stuckey divided his presentation into two sections: “10 and 2” referred to Defensive Driving, and he talked about how to create secure passwords and processes that can help protect you from anyone who’s being reckless online. He told us to use the motto, “don’t judge a book by its cover” when evaluating email password forms and offers that look legitimate but are actually scams, and he reminded us that offers that seem too good to be true often are, and clicking on a flashing button promising an amazing deal is like “taking candy from strangers.”

Keep Your Passwords Safe

During the second part of his presentation, “Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe,” Stuckey took a page from Gandalf, reminding us of the best ways to keep passwords safe and secure. He recommends using online tools like 1password, LastPass and Padlock to protect your passwords.

Protect Yourself from Internet Scams

Mostly, we learned that, although there are a lot of things to be afraid of in the online world, that’s no different from the “real” world — but, just like in our daily lives, there are plenty of ways to protect ourselves online and to be sure our emails and websites are safe.

If you’re wondering whether or not to click on a link, are concerned about the security of your password, or if you run a website and want to be sure it’s safe and secure for users with use of an SSL certificate, this presentation’s for you. And if you weren’t able to come to this week’s talk, don’t miss out on another Lunch & Learn! Read more about topics available in our Lunch & Learn series here, and join us in June for a free lunch and a training on blogging from our Communications Director Carrie Rollwagen.

To view slides from this presentation, click here.


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