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Only the Strong Survive: Protect Your Content with Good Passwords

Is your information really secure? Don't use passwords with names or words that can be hacked — use a password generator to be sure your passwords are safe and unhackable.

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It seems like every few days, we’re hearing a new story about passwords of some large (or not-so-large) company getting stolen, and we’re left wondering again whether or not our data is secure. It’s starting to feel like a different website or service is compromised every week, and it’s important to make sure all our information is protected securely.

The days of choosing your pet’s name as a password are gone — at least, they should be. Every time you sign up for a new site or service, be sure to choose a good, strong password. Every time you purchase a new WordPress theme, a new WordPress plugin, or anything for your site, be sure to create a new password for that account. If you use the same password for different accounts, your chances of giving away access to your information only grows.

How do we recommend creating new passwords? Well, you can just close your eyes and slap your keyboard a few times, making sure to get a number, symbol and a capital letter in there. (Yeah, that actually works.) But I recommend using a password generator, like passwordsgenerator.net, to take the guesswork out of creating passwords.

Once you’ve created lots of randomly generated passwords, though, you have a new problem: How do you keep track of them? Services like 1Password and LastPass are a great solution for that, keeping all your passwords behind loads of security so you’re protected.

Do you find yourself cringing every time you hear a news story about password hacking? Start using random passwords now, and change your old passwords to something new and unguessable — then you can rest assured your passwords are protected from here on out.

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