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Opposite Day: Infomedia’s President Answers Support Phone Calls

Today is Opposite Day (it's a real thing — kind of — you can Google it), and we thought it would be fun to turn the tables here at Infomedia. So we grabbed our company president, Jason Lovoy, and asked him to take a turn at the phone lines answering calls from customers.

Jason Lovoy, president of Infomedia, wheres silly glasses with a fake nose and eyebrows outside of the Infomedia office building

Our web support team is one of the main reasons people choose Infomedia — after our websites launch, we have an entire team of people answering phone calls and emails whenever a client has a question or concern about a website. That concern can be big or small: Our support department often helps with big things, like adding SSL security to a site, but they also help with small things, like lost passwords and blog postings. In Support, you really never know what’s going to be on the other end of a phone call.

To celebrate Opposite Day, we wanted to see what would happen if we put our company president, Jason Lovoy, on the front lines and had him field a few of the queries our Support team gets every day. We also captured some images of Jason’s reactions to the questions — we think they give some insight into his state of mind. The following questions are real, but because we take client privacy seriously, names and identifying details have been changed to protect the innocent … unfortunately, no one’s protecting Jason.

Support Call #1: The Case of the Lost Password

In this scenario, “Agatha” has lost her password and calls our support team because she needs to log back into her website.

Agatha: I’ve logged out of my website, and I can’t get back in to save my life. I forgot my password; I don’t have it written down anywhere. Can you help me out?

Jason Lovoy, President of Infomedia, pauses to think on a question posed by a client over the phone at Infomedia

Jason: Interesting. You logged into your website, and then you logged out. How did you get logged out?

Agatha: I logged myself out.

Jason: What did you do to log in last time?

Agatha: My browser does it for me.

Jason: Ohhhh, okay. We don’t keep your password on file; that’s for your security. But we can have your password reset.

Agatha: Okay. What’s entailed in that?

Jason: Well, it’s very simple. I can help you out, or you can just send us an email at, and we’ll get that link sent do you, and once we reset it, you’ll be good to go.

Agatha: Can I tell you a password right now?

Jason: Well, we don’t recommend …

Agatha: rolltideroll, all lowercase.

Jason: You want it to be … let me ask you a few questions. How many other applications do you use that password for?

Agatha: Oh, everything.

Jason: Well, I’m going to have to recommend that you not use that for your website. Because if you do that, it won’t be that secure, and if someone were to figure out your password, your website would be compromised. Here’s what I recommend. Well, there’s a lot of things I’d recommend. But I’d recommend you choose a new password.

Agatha: Is that a bad password, is that what you’re telling me?

Jason: Well, we’d recommend you’d use some upper and lowercase and some numerics and whatnot, at the very least. I’ll tell  you what; I think we’ve written a couple of blogs about how to choose passwords, and that may help you out. In the meantime, we can reset your password, but I highly recommend you use a different password.

Support Call #2: The Case of the Badly Sized Image

In this scenario, “Clancy” wants to change the size of an image so it looks better on his website. 

Clancy: I’ve got a question. How do I resize an image?

Jason Lovoy, President of Infomedia, makes a funny face before he begins answering questions from clients over the phone at Infomedia

Jason: Okay. You’re trying to add an image to your website?

Clancy: Yes. It’s a picture of me!

Jason: Interesting. Why are you trying to resize it?

Clancy: It’s too big. It’s not fitting in my slider.

Jason: Okay, there’s two ways to skin a cat …. wait, I’m not sure I should talk about skinned cats … anyway. Back to the image. There are two ways you can do that. Do you have a PC or a Mac?

Clancy: PC.

Jason: Ohhhhhhh. [Note: Jason’s computer is a Mac.] Interesting. Are you using WordPress?

Clancy: Yes, WordPress.

Jason: Well, that’s good news. That’s really easy. When you login to WordPress, and you’re going to edit one of your posts, there’s a toolbar above the box with your content, so you can actually choose an icon for image uploads. You can click on that, and then you can upload a new picture. You just choose upload and there’s an option where you can actually edit that photo.

Support Call #3: The Case of the Missing Email

In this scenario, “Edgar” can’t access his Gmail account from his iPhone. 

Edgar: Why am I not getting emails on my phone?

Jason Lovoy, President of Infomedia, raises his eyebrow before he answers client questions over the phone at Infomedia

Jason: You’re not getting emails on your phone? Are you getting emails anywhere else?

Edgar: I don’t know; I’m just not getting it on my phone.

Jason: Are you able to get emails anywhere?

Edgar: Yes, I get them on the Internet. Gmail and all that.

Jason: So you’re getting them on your computer?

Edgar: The computer’s not the problem! I’m not getting them on my phone.

Jason: How do you get emails on your computer?

Edgar: I go to and then I login.

Jason: How are you trying to access it on your phone?

Edgar: On the keyboard.

Jason: Well, we don’t technically support your phone, but I can tell you this: We’d recommend you’d download the Google App.

Edgar: I think that’s the one that I’m using. Could you walk me through how to set it up, just to make sure that I’m doing it right?

Jason: Sure, I can send you a video to help you out.

Support Call #4: Lost in Queue

In this scenario, “Nathaniel” wants to know why he hasn’t heard back from the Support team. 

Jason: Yes, who am I speaking to?

Nathaniel: Hi Jason, my name is … well, that’s not important. What I want to know is, can you give me an update on my outstanding work? I send in a task 20 minutes ago, and I was just wondering why I haven’t heard back.

Jason Lovoy, President of Infomedia, furrows his brow as he answers questions from clients on the phone at Infomedia

Jason: I apologize. What was the name of your project? Let me look here real quick. When was the last time you received an update?

Nathaniel: I sent it in 20 minutes ago, but I haven’t received an update yet and it doesn’t seem to be a priority.

Jason: Well, we usually respond fairly quickly, so I imagine someone is working on your request right now. How about this? Why don’t I circle up with them and find out what your status is?

Support Call #5: The YouTube Caper

In this scenario, “Wilkie” wants to upload YouTube videos onto a website. 

Wilkie: I’m logged into my website. How do I add a video to my website?

Jason Lovoy, President of Infomedia, pauses to think as he answers questions from clients on the phone at Infomedia

Jason: That’s a great question, but I think we have a bad connection. Can you ask your question again?

Wilkie: Cancel my website! I’m taking my business elsewhere!

Jason: Oh, well, I can walk you through that, but I’d rather try to find out why you’re dissatisfied. Here’s what I would ask, if you could. I’d love to find what you’re dissatisfied over and see if there’s anything we can do to help out.

Nathaniel: Well, nevermind, I’m okay. I guess just help me with my video upload.

Jason: So … not to make any assumptions, but you already have videos?

Wilkie: Yes, YouTube.

Jason: So you’ve added videos to YouTube, and you want to add them or embed them to your website. Is that correct?

Wilkie: Yes.

Jason Lovoy, President of Infomedia, smiles as he answers questions over the phone from clients at Infomedia

Jason: Okay, yes sir. Well, I have a great Support team, and they do an amazing job, so what we would probably need to do is schedule a time when one of them can walk you through this step-by-step. Or we can get it done for you; send us your video links and tell us where on the site you want them, and we’ll get them added.

Wilkie: Terrific!

The Final Chapter: Opposite Day Success!

We had fun turning the tables on Jason, and we think he did a pretty great job (except for maybe the bit about skinning cats). There’s a theme in his advice, and that’s to contact the Infomedia Support department with questions. We’re answering phones and emails anytime to give great service immediately, so if you’re an Infomedia client, be sure to take advantage. And if you’re not a client, and this sounds like something you want for your website, share a couple of details about what you’re looking for, and we’ll have a team member let you know what we can provide — you never know, it could be Jason on the other end of the phone when you call Support!


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