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A Creative Idea-Turned-Reality: Infomedia’s “One Quick Coffee”

When you work with a team of creative thinkers, small ideas turn into big productions — and that’s exactly what happened with our video series, One Quick Coffee.

Jason Lovoy and Michael Green are conversing with four coffee cups on the table in front of them.

Our team brings ideas to life.

At Infomedia, we work hard — but we’re also big on keeping work fun. When someone has an idea, no matter how big or small, we do our best to bring it to life. That’s how we got our incredible mural, and it’s also how One Quick Coffee came to be. (By the way, the full title is “One Quick Coffee with Infomedia with Michael,” but we won’t make you read that over and over.)

Our team has lots of developers, designers, strategists and the like. But did you know that we also have lots of former baristas? The idea for One Quick Coffee began as a video series of coffee recipes to make at home. We decided to feature each of our former baristas making their favorite coffee recipes, but it quickly became a much bigger (and funnier) production.

Humble brag: we’re also comedic geniuses.

Michael Greene, the star and writer of One Quick Coffee, wears a lot of hats. He’s a Developer at Infomedia, and he’s also one of our former baristas. But what you may not know about Michael is that he does comedy on the side (check out his comedy group at The Firehouse sometime!). 

We asked Michael to write the script for One Quick Coffee. But our Creative Director, Caleb Chancey, had a better idea — he decided that we needed to use Michael’s humor to the fullest, and that’s when One Quick Coffee turned into a full blown comedy production.

We couldn’t be more grateful to work with such a passionate, creative group of people! We’re proud of how One Quick Coffee turned out, and we hope it brought you lots of laughs. And don’t worry — this isn’t the last you’ll see of Michael’s comedic genius! There’s more where that came from.

Don’t miss out on the laughs!

If you missed any episodes, check out the One Quick Coffee series here (and on our social channels).

One Quick Coffee was written by Michael Greene, who’s also the star of the show. Caleb Chancey and Paul Bryant directed the series, and Alana Harmond and Katey Benton are the producers. Aaron Duncan and Rhodes Chancey assisted with the series, and we had hilarious special appearances by our President, Jason Lovoy, and Michael Pocus, co-founder and owner of Domestique Coffee.

Alana Harmond

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Alana has always had a love for writing and all things creative. She graduated from UAB with a degree in Marketing and concentration in social media management, and she now carries her passion into her position at Infomedia as Content Strategist. When she’s not typing up copy for a client’s website or providing a continuous supply of pink Starbursts to her officemates, you can find Alana hanging out with her friends and her cats, Iver and Rosy. She also enjoys singing and playing guitar, taking care of 90+ houseplants, and compiling her “one second every day” video.

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