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O’Henry’s Named Best Alabama Coffee Shop by Business Insider

O'Henry's Coffee is honored on the Business Insider list, put together from a web search of mentions and reviews of coffee shops in every state.

Coffee beans on top of a wooden table

A coffee mug on a red table with the words "Congrats to O'Henry's!" over the image

Around here, we love our coffee — especially coffee from our client, O’Henry’s Coffee & Tea. Those of us in Birmingham know that O’Henry’s is a staple of our community. We still love to go to their location in downtown Homewood, and we wrote about the new O’Henry’s Highland store just a few months ago.

We’re so glad to see O’Henry’s being honored on this Business Insider list of the best coffee shop in every state, put together from a web search of mentions and online reviews of coffee shops. It’s fun to click through all the states and see favorites from around the country, and we’re proud that one of our clients made the top pick in Alabama.

The drink the Business Insider recommend — the Gibraltar Quad Shot — involves FOUR shots of espresso. I’ve never tried it, but it sounds like that can really get your day going — maybe I’ll try it next time I have a long afternoon meeting. Click here to see O’Henry’s featured, and be sure to stop by one of their shops soon to congratulate them in person. I know I will.


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