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Looking for an Office Health Challenge? Try Our Bingo Game!

The Infomedia team is working on getting healthier this year. For all of April, our office is participating in a healthy competition made to form wholesome habits. Want to join us? You can download our free, printable Bingo game.

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Summer is fast approaching and will be upon us before we know it, so April seems like the opportune time to start getting healthy leading into the warmer months. This isn’t for staff members to get “beach-ready” bodies or rapidly lose weight like all the check-out aisle magazines will suggest. Instead, it’s to develop the strength and energy to enjoy summer vacations and activities like hiking, swimming and being active with our families — and to feel our best during the busiest season of the year.

infomedia bingo card with icons representing goalsThe Infomedia team has a variety of lifestyles, all of which come with different diets and exercise plans. Some of us are plant-based, while others love how going low-carb makes them feel. Several staff members can’t go a day without hitting the gym, while someone who shall remain unnamed gets her cardio mainly from the Just Dance Now app. But even with these vastly contrasting habits, we’re all happy to come together and support each other in our mutual goal of being healthy.

Our solution for finding a competition that we could all compete in was simple: Make our own! Last year, we put together the Infomedia Bingo game, and it was a hit in the office. The game focuses on small healthy changes and positives strategies instead of fitness levels or pounds lost. Honestly speaking, we got this idea from playing bingo buddha. Although the principles vary a lot, still, both sides leave entertainment.

Here’s how Infomedia Bingo works: Every week you’ll try to get a Bingo — which is one complete row in any direction. If you’re hankering for more of a challenge, try filling out the entire card. The Infomedia team will be competing for the grand prize of a Shipt subscription that will be awarded to our winner. Feel free to see how everyone is doing by following us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram. We’d love for you to join us in the game too — just tag Infomedia and update us on how it’s going.

To play, download your own Bingo card here. Below are detailed descriptions on what each square means and how to earn it. Here’s to your health — and ours!

Get Healthy at Work

Pack Lunch: Bring your healthy lunch from home.

Walk: Spend at least 15 minutes walking.

10K Steps: Achieve 10,000 steps one day this week. Use your phone or fitness tracker to keep up with your steps. Or simply take an hour-long walk instead.

Work Out: Attend an exercise class, watch a workout video on Youtube, dance to Beyonce’s Single Ladies — whatever you like! Just remember your activity needs to last at least 20 minutes.

Prep Snacks: Keep healthy snacks within arm’s reach at your desk for when hanger strikes. We suggest making a fruit bowl, bringing in bite-size veggies or packing protein bars.

Learn: Add to your knowledge about health or fitness by reading a blog post or book or watching a video or documentary. Share what you learned with a coworker!

De-stress: Set five minutes aside to de-stress through stretching, meditating or just relaxing.

Meal Prep: Prep meals or meal components for the week to make healthy choices easier. (Feel free to prep what works for you — no need to prep every single meal.)

New Recipe: Adding variety to your diet is good for your health and will keep you from getting bored. Try a new recipe this week. (It’s ideal for you to make a new recipe, but we’ll also count ordering something healthy and new.)

No Soda: Go a whole day without drinking soda.

H2O: Stay hydrated! Drink 10 cups of water in one day. (One cup is eight ounces.)

Take Ten: Stand up from your desk and walk around the office at least five times during your workday.

Plank or Pushups: Hold a plank for at least 30 seconds or do at least 20 pushups. (Don’t forget: Modified planks and pushups also count!)

Skip Sweets: Go the entire day without any dessert, or cut out sugar for the day.

Pick Plants: Try a new vegetable or fruit today, or go vegetarian for the day.

Sleep: Get eight hours of sleep (at night; adding up naps doesn’t count) to be fully rested.

Find a Friend: Team up with a friend to hit the gym, attend an exercise class, meal prep or do some other health-promoting activity.

No Desk Lunch: Get away from the office for your lunch break. This can include going to your company’s lounge, having a picnic outside or heading out to lunch with friends.

Skip Alcohol: Forgo booze for a day by reaching for a mocktail instead or replacing your regular nightcap with a nice cup of soothing tea.

Stretches: Spending time hunched over a desk isn’t ideal for your posture or flexibility. Counteract this by stretching for at least 5 minutes.

No Flour Products: You don’t have avoid all carbs for the day (although you can, if that’s your thing), just skip flour-based products like pasta and bread which are more calorically dense than whole foods.

Desk Exercises: Sitting down all day can take a toll on your health. Get moving by doing tricep dips on your desk or trying seated hamstring stretches or chair squats.


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