Naughty or Nice: See What Tops the List This Year for Tech

Graphic of santa reading his naughty and nice list

In two short days Santa will make his annual Christmas rounds and our homes will be filled with holy jollies and sweet smiles from the magic of Christmas. Santa’s been watching all year. By this point, he’s checked his list at least twice and he definitely knows who’s naughty and who’s nice. And we’ll have you know that that doesn’t exclude the tech world.

We’ve been granted special access to Santa’s naughty and nice list for tech, and we’re placing it under your tree wrapped with sarcasm and tied up with truth. So Merry Christmas to all. We hope this brings you giggles and joy this holiday season!

Santa Tech List

Naughty #1: Internet Explorer

Anyone that’s ever worked in the tech industry fully understands why this tops the list. Anybody who works in another industry most likely understands the frustrations of only being able to use Internet Explorer at work via corporate IT. And everyone else that uses Internet Explorer willingly, you’re getting coal for Christmas. You did this to yourself.

Tech tip: If you MUST use IE, please at least update your browser! 🙂

Nice #1: Google Chrome

The golden child of the interwebs! We adore Google Chrome around here for all of its versatility, its developer mindset, and all of the goodies out there to accessorize it with! (Chrome extensions…duh) Google Chrome performs fabulously in responsive design and is the most user friendly by far. Not to mention, Google pretty much owns the Internet so they probably know what they’re doing. And besides, I heard the elves make Google Chrome in their workshop so of course it’s on Santa’s nice list.

Naughty #2: AOL Instant Messenger

We’re hoping we don’t have to explain this one too much, but we know how some of you folks get stuck decades behind in tech and you just cant help it. You get set in your ways and can’t stand the thought of upgrading and learning how to use yet another device. Moms, Dads, and grandparents alike still take calls on flip phones, enjoy scratchy tunes on record players, and watch black and white shows on zenith tvs, while the rest of us our enjoying the spoils of our iPhones, smart watches, and mountable flat screen tvs. It’s like letting your kids mail a real live letter to Santa…seriously, go with an email (JK…mail the letter.) Maybe we’re exaggerating, but you get the point.

Nice #2: Google Hangouts

Google must have been EXTRA good this year to show up on Santa’s list twice! Hangouts provide a live chat option to your Gmail inbox and also allows you to call via voice chat or video chat. You can see when your contacts are online and you also have the ability to show as away or invisible for those that are wanting some old AOL Instant Messenger functionality. Thankfully away messages aren’t a thing. However, you can still chat someone when they’re offline and they will get your message next time they login to their Gmail in their browser.


Naughty #3: Using Facebook for gaming

Farmville, Candy Crush, Bejeweled, Name the Reindeer, etc. “I’m so glad you invited me to play.”

…Said no one ever. Don’t be that person.

Nice #3: Using Facebook to grow your business

Facebook for you business is great. Social sharing from you personal Facebook for the company you work for is great. Both give your company exposure and allow others to interact with the material and information you are producing without constantly being in their inboxes or in their office. Win/Win. Just please don’t share invitations for those horrendous games! We’re begging you for Santa’s sake.

Naughty #4: Stealing images off the internet

Everyone (including Santa) knows that stealing is frowned upon, but stealing images is like stealing the Mona Lisa. The fact she won’t smile won’t hold up in the court of law in any state as an excuse why it was ok to take her. So when you go looking for images for your blog or your website, Google is not the way to go. It’s a trap more often than not. You will get your jingle bells thrown in “jail” fast.

Nice #4: Purchasing your images or using free market images

There are plenty of free ways out there to get great and authentic images for your site (like this one), but if you can’t find any you like there then there are sites like Shutterstock that has a large resource bank of images for you to choose from for a little fee. It’s the nice thing to do. Mona Lisa would be smiling if she could.

Naughty #5: Grumbling about how Christmas shopping isn’t done and your bank account is low

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Lights and ornaments on dazzling Christmas trees, stockings hung by the fire, yummy candies and treats to top of a feast of ham and fixings. What more could you ask for? So what we don’t get snow down south…Santa makes up for it when he shimmies down that chimney bringing gifts like this here blog!

Nice #5: Spreading Christmas cheer by singing loudly for all to hear

It’s super hard not to start the Christmas carols middle of November when that light crisp in the air falls over Alabama, but a little elf told me once that “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singling loud for all to hear.” It sounded like the truth, so I’ve personally been practicing this diligently for the last month. Just ask Pam.

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