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Tech Gifts Mom Wants for Mother’s Day

A tech-related Mother’s Day gift could be the perfect solution to the question of what to get mom for Mother's Day this Sunday, and we have some great ideas.

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and I’d like to go ahead and say that it might be time to step up the usual gift ideas. Breakfast in bed? Overrated — nobody needs those crumbs anywhere. Flowers? Okay, but they’re going to be wilted by Wednesday. And don’t even get me started on the homemade “Free Hug” coupons. I like a family brunch (and a Mother’s Day mimosa) as much as anybody, but when it comes to gifts, why do we save all the cool tech gadgets for Father’s Day and give Mom something made of construction paper and glitter?

In my experience, Mom is usually the one juggling complicated schedules, and she’s more likely to be the one who has trouble finding time to relax or exercise — and a tech-related Mother’s Day gift could be the perfect solution. Need some ideas? I took a quick poll of the moms in the Infomedia office. Maybe our Mother’s Day wish lists can give you some ideas.

What Leslie Wants: Amazon Echo & Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Let’s start with me, because … why not. The number one thing on my Mother’s Day list was the Amazon Echo. It’s pretty amazing; you simply ask the Echo to answer questions and perform simple tasks (like looking things up on the Internet, playing music or ordering things from Amazon), and it performs them for you. The reason it’s not on my list? Because I got one for my birthday a few weeks ago! It’s just as amazing as I’d hoped. Buy one for your mom, and I promise, you’ll be her hero for months.

Since I got my dream gift already, I’m wishing for a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. We’re at the lake a lot, and whenever we head to the water this summer, it’d be nice to be able to bring some music without worrying about hurting the speakers when the kids inevitably soak everything in their path.

What Katie Wants: iPad

Katie just started here at Infomedia, and she’s already one of our favorite people. She’s sweet and funny and a hard worker, and she’s also completely dedicated to her family. With three little ones at home, Katie rarely gets a turn at watching normal TV or browsing the Internet — and her kids like to play with her phone, which runs the battery down. She’d love an iPad so she could do her own thing — catch up on emails, scroll through Instagram, and maybe even catch up on Netflix — while her kids watch something that they love.

What Michelle Wants: FitBit

Michelle had a FitBit, but it got lost, and she’s yet to replace it. With kids ranging from toddler to teen, it’s hard to fit in time to exercise — several of us walk during the day, and having a new FitBit might be more motivation to do that, and you can actually use your FitBit for work-related tasks, too. (And it might be a good idea to throw in a FitBit finder App along with the gift, just in case.)

What Joy Wants: iPad and Bluetooth Speakers

Between two teens at home and her demanding job here, Joy’s life can get pretty hectic. She has a chill, laid-back personality, and it doesn’t take a lot for her to recharge — but a little time alone and some great music makes that easier. She wants to be able to shut the bedroom door, press a few buttons to listen to a great band, browse for a few minutes on the Internet, and enjoy a little relaxation without having to tote her laptop around the house.

What Your Mom Wants: Something Fun

You know that wise old adage, “girls just wanna have fun?” (I believe that’s from the deeply influential cultural sage Cyndi Lauper.) Well, sometimes we forget that moms are just girls who have kids. Not every gift has to be practical or sappy — we moms pretty much want the kind of stuff that everybody wants, like an iPad or a better way to listen to music.  And if you simply must make one of those coupons, think about making it for something like “Organizing the Family’s Digital Photos” or “Free Lesson in Setting up Calendar Alerts” — you know, something your mom’s been asking you to help her with anyway.


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