How to QC Your Mobile Site

Is your mobile site helping or hindering?

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We all know it’s important to keep an eye on our websites. Whether it’s updating text, adding events to the calendar or just changing the images to match the season, making your site its very best should be an ongoing process. That’s why it’s a good idea to also inspect your website from a mobile perspective.

Over half of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, mostly from users on their cell phones. Even if your site looks amazing on desktop, if it’s not up to par on mobile then you’re turning away a large portion of potential visitors. Everything from distorted imagery to hard-to-navigate menus can happen on mobile sites and having a website not optimized for mobile viewers will set back your business. Here are three things to check when QCing your mobile site:


Having a responsive site means that your website renders to a size that fits onto a variety of screen sizes. If your site isn’t responsive, you’ll notice almost immediately when different pages don’t fit on your phone’s screen, you have to scroll horizontally to see text or pictures and the site looks like a squished version of the desktop view. Having an unresponsive site won’t just frustrate visitors; it will also cause them to leave, which can heighten your website’s bounce rate and impact your search engine rankings.


Your website’s menu is how most users will navigate it. Seeing page options like “About Us” or “Our Services” can help visitors easily find what they’re looking for. But if your site isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, then your menu may be cumbersome to use, or (even worse) not appear on their screen at all. Double check that your menu is viewable on mobile devices and that it’s intuitive to navigate.


Imagery that looks great on desktops might not make the cut when it comes to mobile viewing. Huge horizontal images, detailed infographics and even some videos can perform poorly on phones and tablets. Some easy changes to fix this can include linking to the visuals that don’t fit on the page, such as infographics and videos, and changing out any stretched or squished photos with options that fit better.

If you’ve done a mobile QC on your website and found that it comes up lacking, Infomedia is here to help. Reach out today for a free, no-commitment consultation. We’ll go over your current site, lay out any improvements it needs and let you know how to get started on making your website mobile-friendly.


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