In Digital Marketing, the Stats Make the Score

I’m a huge college basketball fan. I’ve loved the game for as long as I can remember. It’s a game where the collective sum of its parts is often greater than stellar individual performances. Momentum often defines the winner and lack of it often leads to a loss.

basketball score board

I also like the game from an analytics and numbers standpoint. You can dive deep into individual statistics, team statistics, +/- regarding how an individual player’s performance impacts the rest of the team, etc. It’s important, from a coaches perspective, to know how both the team, as well as the individual player, are performing regarding field goal percentage, assists, turnovers, blocks, rebounds and other metrics. If a coach turns a blind eye to the statistics, they could be missing important data that might end up costing the team a win, or even a championship.

In the same way, a business engaged in marketing needs to understand not only the score of the game, but also the granular statistics that tell you how you are measuring up. It’s not enough to just look at revenue or contracts coming in the door. Those are the results of efforts in many different areas. Looking at results doesn’t paint a clear enough picture of which efforts are effectively leading to those desired results or which efforts are ineffective or need improvement.

Feed the Hot Hand

If a coach just looks at the scoreboard late in the second half and sees that the team is winning, but ignores the fact that what was once a 20-point lead has been cut to a three-point lead, he may miss the fact that one of the five players on the floor has committed five turnovers and has made only one of his last 10 shots. The player is detrimental to the team’s overall goal of winning the game. If he has a bench player who has been performing at a high level, it would be wise to consider benching the struggling player and inserting the more effective player into the lineup.

With digital marketing, you can not only get your message, product or service in front of the right people, you can also know how effective each individual strategy is. This enables you to pour more gas on the hot fire and turn down the heat on a strategy that is less effective. Return on investment is a popular talking point when discussing marketing, but it’s not enough to hope for the best — especially when there are tools to help you know exactly what your return is.

Drive the Lane

At Infomedia, not only do we build world-class, strategy-based websites, but we also engage in a variety of digital marketing initiatives aimed at generating quality traffic and creating meaningful interactions with your target audience. Converting a user from a casual visitor to a hand-raiser is a big win for B2B companies — especially those with long and often complex sales cycles. And, of course, completing a sale is the big metric for those engaged in ecommerce.

When our clients are engaged in digital marketing strategies, we take the time to have regular analytics review sessions so that they can understand what’s working and what opportunities we have for improvement or refinement. If you’d like to learn more about this, pass on your contact information; ask for me, and I’ll get in touch with a free audit and conversation about what can work for your business.

Ultimately, we want the ball to go in the basket so that when the game is over, we are celebrating as winners. Basketball is a beautiful game and so is business. Reach out to Infomedia if you want to elevate your game.


About Clay

Clay has a head for business, but he’s also in touch with his inner geek; he transitions seamlessly between the boardroom and the developers’ office (with a quick stop at the CrossFit gym in between). He prefers plain English to “geek speak,” so he’s the perfect choice to translate technobabble into provable goals and ROI, helping our clients incorporate the technologies they need to build their businesses. Clay loves being involved in the Birmingham business community and fostering the abundant potential in the Magic City; his work on the Associate Board of Alabama Policy Institute and with Aspire Movement as a mentor are two of his favorite causes. When he’s not at work, you’re likely to find him at an Auburn game with his wife and three kids or in one of his favorite Birmingham craft coffee shops.

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