10 Reasons to Love our 2017 Lunch & Learn Series

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We’ll admit it — we’re crushing on our clients. We love designing websites that help small businesses get stronger and developing websites that help big businesses stay robust, organized and ready to handle even more sales. Once we launch a website, we’re not ready to say goodbye — so we stay in touch through our Support department, and we also invite our clients to a Lunch & Learn once a month for tips on keeping websites running smoothly.

Even if you’re not an Infomedia client, you’re welcome at our Lunch & Learns — the more the merrier! We meet at Innovation Depot in downtown Birmingham on the third Thursday of each month. Tickets are free; just register beforehand. (March 16 registration is already open.) Want to plan for the whole series? Here’s a taste of what’s coming up, and you can always access the full schedule here. We hope you love it!

Become a Social Media Sweetheart

It’s so easy to get behind on your social media posts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (and whatever’s the lastest thing) always need more content, and without a plan, it’s easy to get left behind. Social Media Strategy (May 18) and Putting Words to Work (September 21) are perfect to give you new ideas and strategies.

Commit to Blogging

So many of our clients tell us that they struggle to find topics for their blogs, and they’re unsure how to schedule material and find writers. Want to write a better blog? Be a Better Blogger (April 20) and Putting Words to Work (September 21) will help.

Meet Your Networking Match

Because we serve lunch at our events, we leave a little time before and after the hour-long talk for you to grab food and get a seat. This is the perfect time to rub elbows with other professionals attending our talks, and most attendees tell us they love the networking opportunites our Lunch & Learns provide.

Fall Back in Love with Your Website

It’s easy to fall out of love with your website — maybe you’ve gotten behind on updates, or your content is stale, or your site doesn’t reflect your new business goals. Get that spark back with Give Your Website a Tune-Up (March 16), and add something new with Video for Beginners (October 19).

See What Customers Love (and What They Don’t)

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for understanding what’s working on your website. The only problem? Learning to use it can be tough. This Lunch & Learn season, by popular demand, we’re introducing not one but TWO sessions on Analytics: Analytics 101: Reading and Using Your Results (June 15) and Analytics 102: Making Your Analytics Work for You (August 17).

Attract the Website Visitors You Really Want

Are you getting traffic to your website but still not seeing the sales numbers you want? You might be reaching the wrong audience — at Get Found & Get Noticed: Make the Most of SEO and Local Search (July 20), you’ll learn to use SEO and Local Search strategies to target the clients and customers you want.

Take the Heartbreak out of Writing

Whether you want to write your own website copy, be a better blogger or post great social media content, you’ll find what you need at our Lunch & Learns this season. Putting Words to Work (September 21), Be a Better Blogger (April 20) and Social Media Strategy (May 18) are geared toward one of the most requested topics from our attendees — how non-writers can write better and less painfully.

Set a Date for Success

This season, we’re focusing on scheduling and planning so you can put processes in place to make work easy. We’ll talk through calendars and schedules that can help you at Be a Better Blogger: The Surprising Magic of Content Calendar (April 20) and Social Media Strategy: Don’t Work Harder, Work Smarter (May 18).

The Sweetest Thing: Free Lunch from Taziki’s

We know the way to your heart is through Friday Special and a cookie! And we also know that it’s easier to justify spending your lunch hour learning something new if you know you can grab lunch while you listen. That’s why we provide a free lunch with every training.

Need a Raincheck? No Problem

Do you have a packed schedule and find yourself unable to attend the class you need the most? Never fear — we broadcast our talks on Facebook Live, so you can catch up later when you get a chance. We’ve worked hard to put together a Lunch & Learn season that you’ll fall in love with — if we’ve won you over, we’d love to see you on March 16 at our first Lunch & Learn of the season! And remember, you can always access our complete calendar of Lunch & Learns here on our website.

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Leslie keeps our production department running smoothly with the help of lots of cute office supplies, personalized calendars and a morning cup of coffee (with a healthy dose of caramel if-you-please). With over a decade of experience managing production at Southern Progress and Willow House, she’s a natural fit as project manager at Infomedia, and she’s the glue that keeps our team together even during tough projects and tight timelines. Special talents include the ability to sing basically any ‘80s song on-command and find sale items for 20% cheaper with just a little online research. After hours, you’ll find her hanging out with her husband, Chance, son, Wells, and dog, Beau, playing Bunko with her friends, or watching historical dramas on Netflix.

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