I Love My Job — and That’s Good for Your Business

As you can imagine, getting that paycheck is really important — but that’s not the whole reason I’m here.

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I’m a designer here at Infomedia, and I get a paycheck. I take that money home and use it to provide for my family. As you can imagine, getting that paycheck is really important — not just for me, but for two other people and a little dog. So I work hard, and every couple of weeks I’m compensated for that. But, although my family needs me to provide for them, that’s not the whole reason I’m here.

The reality? I do this because I love it. Because the days that I know there’s a Kickoff Meeting with a client make me giddy. I come to work every day because I love my job and because doing it well really makes me happy.

What It Means for You

The funny thing is, the part of my job I love the best is not opening Photoshop and building a website comp. I love solving problems. To me, design is not about making something look cool — design is solving problems. When it comes to making your website, I’m solving business problems, and that takes more than Photoshop.

Your website should solve problems. If your website is not solving any of your problems, get rid of it. And come talk to me, because that’s why I’m here.

When we do talk, I won’t ask questions like:

  • What color do you want the header?
  • Where do you want to put the logo?
  • Do you like how this navigation menu looks?

Be wary of the designers who ask those questions first. I will ask questions like:

  • How are you currently making money?
  • What makes a customer want to buy what you’re selling?
  • What action can people take that will help in your sales cycle?

That’s because I care about finding a solution to your business problem that also looks great, not just handing over a pretty website that doesn’t work for you.

What Are You Really Getting?

Do you want a cool website? Sure. But it also needs to grow your sales or your contacts or help your company reach a goal. You want a business tool, not just a pretty toy. You need something that will really enhance your business. Whether that means sending your sales force qualified leads, providing a digital storefront, or just giving people the information they need when they need it — a good designer will help you find answers to your problems. So go ahead, take advantage of me — I want to make your site look great and perform great, too. I honestly love this job, and that’s a good thing for both of us.

About Andrew

Andrew is of two minds. Part designer, part code-junkie, Andrew brings a subtle eye for detail to every project. A dangerous business, admittedly, since it requires exploration of both the left and right brain and few people return from that perilous expedition. Speaking of exploring, after college Andrew worked for the Peace Corp teaching in the African nation of Benin. After Africa, Andrew moved to London where his wife finished a Master''s degree in History, before returning to Birmingham and Infomedia. Today they've embarked on another lifelong adventure—a beautiful daughter, Olivia. See more articles from Andrew Searles

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