There’s No Place Like Home: 4 Reasons to Choose Local for Website Design

When it comes to choosing professional website design for your business, you have lots of options: The Internet puts the world at your fingertips (pretty much literally) ... so why pick one that’s close to home?

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When it comes to choosing professional website design for your business, you have lots of options: The Internet puts the world at your fingertips (pretty much literally). But this is one of those times when the best choice might be, as Dorothy says in The Wizard of Oz, “in your own backyard.” When looking for a website design company in Birmingham, you have a world of options available … so why pick one that’s close to home?

If you’re looking for professional web design in Birmingham, Infomedia is your neighbor; but don’t pick us because we’re right next door — pick us because we can build a better website. Here’s why:

When communicating complex ideas about website design, face-to-face service matters

Chances are, your business needs are complex. You want your site to serve existing clients, but you also probably want it to generate new business and find leads. You might want to create an intranet that your own team can use; you may want to add an e-commerce component so you can start selling from your website. Meeting in person helps us be sure we understand the nuances of your business and build a website that can help.

Can’t these meetings happen on conference calls or over Skype? Of course! We work remotely with a lot of our clients (even in-town clients sometimes find that remote meetings work better in their schedules). But having a face-to-face option is still a great way to be sure we’re all on the same page and nothing’s getting lost in translation.

You want the best team working on your project

Employees at huge web development companies can be spread out all over the world. That’s exciting, but it also means you’re pretty much stuck with the expertise of the handful of people who happen to be working on your project. At Infomedia, our teams meet with each other all the time. We’re constantly sharing new ideas and working through projects together. That means you get the benefit of knowledge and creativity not just from your own team, but from every single person in our company. You get the best and the brightest — we make sure of it.

A small business that’s in your market will know your market better

We live in a global marketplace, but many small businesses still operate primarily at a local level, and that’s one reason to choose a web design company in Birmingham — we understand Birmingham because we live here. That means we can help you optimize your local search with keywords and locations that we know perform well in our market. It means we’ll have ideas of how you can network and which audiences you want to research. And it means that we’ll have some overlapping clients, creating a built-in network — and instant outreach for advertising your site.

Your opinion matters

Let’s be honest: We need to do a good job for you, because bad feedback would really hurt us. As our customer, you have a lot of power over our reputation, both through online feedback and through press-of-mouth recommendations. We’re proud of our reputation for results and professionalism (we’ve been building websites in Birmingham, AL for over twenty years), and we’ll fight to protect it. That means we need to build a website that truly performs the way you want it to. It means we need to respect your time and your business, and we need to communicate with you through the whole process in a way that works for you. A company that’s located out-of-state, or a company that churns out cheap websites with no personalized connection, just doesn’t have the same incentive to keep you happy.

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy discovered “there’s no place like home” — we think the same is true for us. If you have a local business in Birmingham, we believe we can offer you the best website that will truly improve your business.

Want to give us a shot? You can give Infomedia a call any time, or get in touch and we’ll call you. We’d love to sit down and meet with you face-to-face.


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