Local non-profits make their mark on social media

Local non-profits are making social networks a key part of their marketing strategies. Here are a couple of Infomedia clients making a splash!

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You’ll rarely see a site created by Infomedia that doesn’t have those now-familiar icons — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more — proudly displayed in a prominent spot. Why? Because social media can greatly enhance business. If you’re not using it to promote your business and bring in new opportunities, you’re missing out.

But social media isn’t only for profit-based businesses — local non-profits are jumping on the bandwagon and making social networks a key part of their marketing strategies. One of our clients, The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, has made Facebook and Twitter integral to their fundraising efforts. This Weld article outlines how the non-profit tweets about every grant it wins under the hashtag #results. LightRails, the Foundation-backed artistic lighting installation in a railroad underpass, was exclusively marketed through social media, and it’s helping make a neglected part of downtown Birmingham into a destination.

In the Weld article (another great Infomedia client!), we also learned about the role of social media for The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham. Last October, they hosted their first “Smart Party,” a Facebook-promoted event that garnered more than $104,000 for the non-profit. Facebook helped create buzz and excitement for what turned out to be their largest philanthropic event.

Okay, say you’re convinced — social media can be good for non-profits. Where do you start? We found a great article from Alec Stern, Vice President of Strategic Market Development at Constant Contact. Visit the article to read all about it, or check out our handy cheat sheet to his three-point plan:

Engage your audience with compelling content

Engaging your audience means sharing content that encourages them to act. You can see how successful that content is when people comment, share, like, retweet, and repin.

 Keep volunteers and potential donors informed

Social media allows nonprofits to interact with their audience on a daily basis. Take advantage of that interaction by informing your audience about your mission.

Recruit prospective volunteers or donors to your nonprofit

You’ve engaged and informed your followers and made connections with them. They’re thinking about you on a regular basis, and they support your cause. Recruit volunteers by reaching out with social media and sharing links to your volunteer opportunities, and entice giving by talking about your industry and using statistics that highlight what you have to offer.

Social media isn’t a trend that’s going to disappear. If anything, it’s going to get even bigger. It’s already a part of your life — why not use it as a tool to grow your non-profit organization?


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