The Most Underutilized Social Media Platform and How to Start Using It

This well-known social media platform might hold more potential than you think.

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Formerly a website you’d only visit when searching for a job, LinkedIn has grown over the years into a full-fledged social media platform — and this means your business should probably be taking advantage of the potential it holds. It’s the world’s largest professional network, boasting over 500 million users, and is the perfect place to promote your business while making genuine connections. Still not convinced? Read below to learn the three reasons we at Infomedia utilize LinkedIn in our own social media strategy. 

Create Company Awareness

Someone interested in your company can easily find your profile on LinkedIn to get a quick run-down of the business. There they’ll learn which of their connections are employed with you, find out your location and see any latest updates. Having a company LinkedIn profile makes your business seem legitimate and professional, in the eyes of both clients and potential employees.

Attract Employees

Speaking of potential employees, LinkedIn is a hot spot for job seekers and the companies who need them. Through your profile they can see the size of your business, what your specialties are and more. Posting jobs directly on LinkedIn is also an option, with many HR departments and recruiters turning to LinkedIn as their go-to source for new candidates. 

Promote Content

Each LinkedIn user has a newsfeed that shows them articles, photographs and videos shared by other users or businesses that they follow. Because of this, it’s worth the extra few seconds it takes to share new content from your company on LinkedIn along with any other social media platforms you frequently post on, such as Facebook and Twitter. Everything from your latest blog posts to local events you’re promoting can come across followers’ desktops now.

How to Get Started

LinkedIn provides an easy tutorial for creating your own business page. Once you’ve got the basics set up, invite your employees to add themselves to your profile and post some of your latest content to bulk up your profile. Then resolve to consistently update your profile as needed with the newest blog posts, most recent job offerings and any company announcements.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at tackling another social media platform, then reach out to us for a free consultation about our marketing services. There’s no obligation and we’d be happy to help. Also don’t forget to follow Infomedia on LinkedIn!


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