Let Your Website Work For YOU This Christmas

Head into the holidays with a game plan.

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The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year! The season of lists, presents, cheer, Santas, elves, office Christmas parties, and overtime hours. The days are long and the nights are short, but you show up to work bleary eyed another day because how else will Santa EVER deliver all of the gifts under the Christmas tree otherwise?

We get it, we do, but we have a few holiday ideas so you can put your website and the Internet as a whole to work and have yourself a merry little Christmas after all.

1) Keep your content fresh.

We know this is like beating a dead reindeer, but relevant content is a must. The holidays are one of the heaviest seasons for online traffic. Advertisement is absolutely everywhere this time of year and online shopping is at a peak so, retail or not, you’re racking up the website hits and driving traffic to your website. That means Santa isn’t the only one that is watching. Stay on the “nice” list by keeping any dates in your About Us section updated, any seasonal content switched out, product pricing and info current, and your contact information correct if you have recently relocated or changed phone numbers. These quick and easy checks will keep your visitors informed and add a little extra credibility to your organization.

2) Test your Contact Us form.

Your Contact Us form is a necessity for some and for others it may simply be a formality, but think of it like changing the oil in your sleigh (or car, whichever you drive this time of year.) It’s a crucial form of communication for some that may not have time to pick up the phone and call or don’t see a direct email address to write to. Make sure you know who this form notifies when you have a new submission, make sure the validation is correct on it so that required fields are in fact required, and limit the fields the visitor has to fill in to the absolute bare necessities. The point of these are ease of access. While you’re off buying presents, people could be contacting you via your website. Let’s make this easy on all of us. Speaking of, here are a few shopping secrets for this season.)

3) Write a blog and schedule it out.

This one goes hand-in-hand with #1 and keeping your content fresh. We understand that when it really gets close to Christmas, you don’t always have time for blog writing or social media posts. The good news is both WordPress and social media platforms like Facebook have ways to do the work in advance, and schedule the posts so that you can stay on top of the zillions of other lists you have to check off, and your website and organization will still be posting fresh content consistently, just as Google likes it. Consider it your own little Christmas elf working hard in Santa’s workshop so that the presents all arrive on time.

So, not that you needed another list this year on top of your all your others, but we wanted to spread a little Christmas cheer and send you on your merry way into the rest of December ready to glide right through the holidays with ease. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a spot on Google’s list this season…because of our tips of course!

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