Want to Get a Handle on Social Media? This Class Is for You!

You know Carrie from our Lunch & Learns — this Saturday, she's teaching a one-day workshop that goes over all the basics of blogging, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. She'll teach how to craft a message, and how to juggle social media even when you're busy and stressed.

Carrie poses for a picture with her quote: "Do you hate social media? Because I do"

We almost always tell our clients that they need to be on social media, but that’s a really confusing idea. Why? Well, for one thing, it seems like there’s always a new form of social media or a new way to hashtag or whatever, and keeping up with that stuff is super confusing. Second, it’s hard to know why you need social media — I can tell you that your business needs blog content and social media content in order to come up in Google searches, but it’s hard to justify the time to create all that content, especially if you’re a busy entrepreneur like most of our clients. Our sister company, Uptick Marketing, is a great option for clients who want to be hands-off with their social media, but a lot of my clients still want a little training to know the basic hows and whys of social media, and they want to know which parts they can be doing themselves.

Last year, I took a one-day workshop that really helped me get a handle on social media, and that class is being offered again this Saturday, September 19. Social Media for Small Business and Personal Branding goes over all the basics of blogging, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., and it also teaches about developing a message and finding time to do all this stuff even when you’re already really busy. Oh, and Social Media for Business is taught by somebody we at Infomedia know and love — Carrie Rollwagen, our copywriter.

Carrie’s been speaking at our Lunch & Learn series this year, and her talks have been really popular. She has a knack for breaking down tough social media concepts in ways that are easy to understand. Carrie’s approach is also good for our clients because she knows what it’s like to be a busy business owner — she’s a co-owner of Church Street Coffee & Books in Mountain Brook. She also wrote a book, The Localist, and used social media to make it a success. So she knows how to use social media, but she also knows how to choose posts wisely so running a social media account doesn’t take over your life.

The workshop, Social Media for Business and Personal Branding, is this Saturday. Tickets are $100 (they include lunch), and as a “graduate” of her program, I can tell you that’s an awesome deal. Infomedia isn’t officially a part of this workshop (although we’re sponsoring the space, which you’ll recognize from our Lunch & Learns), but we do think Carrie has some things to share that will be really important to our clients. To snag your ticket, or to learn more, click here to check out Carrie’s Social Media Workshop.


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