Five Reasons to Come to July’s Lunch & Learn

Find out the best strategies for LinkedIn through our free Lunch & Learn webinar on July 18.

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If you’re not sure how to give your business a professional social media presence, LinkedIn may be the answer. Learn how make connections and broaden your company’s appeal by attending our virtual Lunch & Learn, Using LinkedIn: The No Nonsense, High Performance Social Platform. Here are a few of the topics we’ll be covering:

Connect with Clients

Having a professional LinkedIn page can improve your business’s online image. Clients can see your employees, learn about the company’s latest news and even share your updates to their connections.

Appeal to Potential Employees

During an employment search, many job-seekers will turn to LinkedIn for leads. Your business having a put-together profile makes you look more appealing as a potential employer. Plus, using LinkedIn for employee searches can help you gain insight into their professional connections and past employment.

Spread Brand Awareness

Having your company on most of the major social media platforms lends credibility to your business, and LinkedIn is no exception. Having a professional profile that’s up-to-date and sharing content can spread awareness of your brand and services.

Attend From Anywhere & Get Help From Social Media Experts

This Lunch & Learn is a bit different from our usual events because it’s via webinar this month. Since we can’t virtually send you a delicious lunch, we’re making up for the lack of food by providing a convenient webinar through Zoom that will allow you to log in and interact from anywhere. Whether you’re taking a lunch break at your desk, or sitting in your pajamas on the couch, you’ll be able to learn and grow your business at your convenience. If you have any questions about your company’s LinkedIn strategies, or just want to clarify part of the presentation, online chat will be available to interact with the presenter and get some one-on-one help.

You’ll need login credentials to attend the webinar, so be sure to reserve your spot by clicking here to sign up and claim your ticket for Infomedia’s free event. (And if you can’t attend this month’s event when it’s live, check out our Training Videos page to watch when it’s posted in August.)


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