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Tip of the Week: Great Business Apps for iPhone

Jason has found a few Apps incredibly helpful in keeping everything organized and feeling connected to Infomedia all the time.

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Take your desktop on the go with great business Apps for iPhone.

When Infomedia started, we were all sitting behind computers most of the day. Now, a lot of that same works happens when I’m not at my desk — I do an incredible amount of business every day using my iPhone. I’m usually juggling several things at once, and there a few Apps that I’ve found incredibly helpful in helping me keep everything organized so I feel connected and I can help our clients whenever they need it, no matter where I am. Here are a few of my favorite business Apps for iPhone:

JotNot Pro

JotNot Pro allows you to scan a document by taking a picture of it. I use this App almost daily for contracts, forms — all kinds of things like that — that would normally need to be faxed. Instead, I snap a picture of them and use Jotnot to send them via email. It makes my life a lot easier and means I don’t have to use a fax machine or even a scanner.


SignNow allows you to sign documents, fill out forms, and then submit them through email. This makes it really easy to fill out forms and send them in within seconds.

Gmail (the App)

When I first put the Gmail App on my phone, I mostly used it when I needed to search for older emails that were harder to find with the native mail feature. The search feature is still my favorite part of this App, but now I also use it as the main mail App on my phone. (Although I do still have to use the native mail App to use the SignNow App.)


Shoeboxed is an easy way to save and store receipts. I love it. They even have a Netflix-style service for their paid version where they send you envelopes for your receipts, then scan, categorize and archive them for you. I’m currently using the free version, but I’m pretty tempted to try the paid version.

There you have it — the iPhone Apps that make my life a little easier. Hopefully you’ll find something in them that you can use as well. If you have some favorite business Apps that you really love, leave them for us in comments!


About Jason

Jason loves finding creative ways to solve client problems, and he’s always looking for ways to help clients use technology to get more done while building up the bottom line. Don’t ask this guy to read the manual; he believes technology should be intuitive, and you shouldn’t need to follow directions to get it right. This belief comes in handy when he’s demanding the best user experience for our clients (not so much when putting together Ikea desks). To be happy, all Jason really needs is time with his family: wife, Shawndee, and kids Isaac, Juliette, James and Mary Rose — but a good cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll at Savage’s wouldn’t hurt.

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