Introverts Rejoice: Order Food without Human Interaction

With everyone rushing around buying gifts, working overtime, and traveling, making time for lunch can be a hassle. While mobile apps help us shop for gifts and order car service (*slow clap for Uber in the Ham y’all*), don’t forget the time-saving restaurant apps. So when you simply don’t have the energy to cook or can’t bear to stand in another line, these apps have you covered.



Quickly find the nearest location and browse the entire menu, including the daily specials. It’s location feature displays which address you’re ordering from plus the telephone number if you’d prefer to just click and dial.  The best feature? You can select your “usual” order by creating an online account. Getting your regular Greek food fix is now possible. Download on ITunes & Google Play


Jimmy John’s

Food so fast you will actually freak. Jimmy John’s is a staple at Infomedia when we are slammed with meetings and deadlines. Whether picking up or getting delivery, order your sandwiches just the way you like them without yelling “No mustard” over a glass barrier for the third time. Download on ITunes Google Play


Insomnia Cookies

It’s midnight and suddenly you have a hankering for something sweet. Do you admit defeat and go to bed? NO! You can now order warm cookies for pick up (and delivery if you’re in the Five Points area). It’s the food app you never knew you needed. Download on ITunes, & Google Play



If you don’t have time or just hate going on a grocery run, this app is for you. Choose your items and pick a delivery time. You can even browse sale items! The app is easily navigable—a novel concept that some grocery stores would do well to adopt. Download on ITunes & Google Play

While you may not always need to order on the go, these apps can save you time and heartache this holiday season.  If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon already, now’s a great time to order in, binge on Netflix, and regroup before meeting up with the in-laws. ‘Tis the season, my friends.

About Mary Katherine

A born organizer and go-getter, Mary Katherine is a wizard when it comes to deciphering scheduling apps and puzzling our complicated schedules together so projects get done right — and right on time. She can coorelate, catalog and coordinate with the best of them, and her experience as a web designer and forays into the world of SEO mean she can come in with the assist on projects big and small. Mary Katherine worked in theater in New York City before coming to Infomedia; if all the world’s a stage, we’re glad she’s shined her spotlight back in Birmingham.

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