Integrating business into a bite sized video world

Short video clips with services like Vine and Instagram are all the rage. You can integrate videos like these to market your company brand as well.

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Let’s face it, we all love making bite sized video clips. Whether you are on Vine, Snapchat, or the newly released Instagram Video, you’re likely filming and sharing little tidbits of life. This is great if you want to show your friends how awesome your cat riding in a tank looks (see below),  but how can these video bites work in business?

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Conveying who you are and what you do

Pretty much every client that comes into Infomedia talks about how they want to express “who we are” or “what we do.” A lot of times it’s difficult to explain in plain text. Think about it in life; if you want to convey how quirky or fun you are, you don’t send it out in a memo. You express it through visuals. The same concept can apply to your business.

 What to video and how to do it

Think people and products. When shooting your video clips, use material that is relevant to what you do and the goals you are trying to achieve. If you are considering a give away, debut a video of the product or service that’s up for grabs. Have style. Whether you plan what your business style is or if you just create as you go, make your videos cool and interesting. That is what will get people talking and make it sharable.

 Video vs. Text

Who are we? We are a hard working, nerdy bunch of weirdos that take web development way too seriously. What we do? We create strategies, custom web designs, mobile sites, applications, and even marketing plans for businesses. And we like to have fun while we work.


Integrating business into a bite sized video world from Infomedia on Vimeo.

See, wasn’t expressing our message in a short video so much more fun? And it’s easy to do. The video above was shot with a phone and quickly edited in iMovie. Short clips with Instagram or Vine can be just as effective. If you can make abstract images look amazing with a filter, just think how awesome a filtered video or quick clips from a phone could make your company look!

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