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Infomedia Wins $25,000 Office Makeover

Infomedia has WON the $25K office makeover sponsored by Turnstone. Special thanks to everyone who voted. Stay tuned for the new office reveal..

Your Vote Helped Us Win

We asked for your help and you came through!  Thank you to everyone who voted for us in the “Win a Sweet New Office” contest by Turnstone. Over 200 entries were submitted, but Infomedia was one of five lucky winners! We could not have done it without you.

There’s no “I” in Team

Through this experience, we learned that working as a team can have some sweet rewards.  When we first heard about the Turnstone office furniture contest, we knew it was the perfect opportunity for team building within our company. We wanted to have fun with the video and have everyone participate.  It was something we enjoyed doing, so winning was just a bonus.

One Step at a Time

When we were selected as one of the top 25, we knew we could do it if we worked together. We created a strategy and stuck to it. Using our blog, social media, local radio and word of mouth, we spread the word to everyone we could. By asking for votes, we did it! WE WON!

Giving Back

We believe in helping others here at Infomedia. So at the beginning of the contest, we partnered with First Priority, an organization working in the community to create a positive impact on the next generation.  We will be donating our current furniture to the local First Priority office. They helped us spread the word as well and made it possible for Turnstone to come to our office.  Our successes are best when shared.

“We knew no one person could do this alone,” said Infomedia’s President Jason Lovoy, “so we had to put our minds together to get it done. I’m very proud of our team.”

Special Thanks to..

Our Voters, Turnstone, First Priority, Priority Talk, Blake Benton Films, and Angela Turner at Dekalb Offices of Alabama

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