Infomedia is Racing for the Cure

Infomedia is racing for the cure together in support for one of our own's mother as she stands in strength facing breast cancer treatments this fall.

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At Infomedia (or Camp Infomedia as we so lovingly call it), we like to joke. We have quite a few funny employees with impeccable wit and several more that just pull office pranks all the time, but when something more serious comes up with one of our employees, we know how to settle down and band together in whole-hearted support.

So, this blog may be a little less like the others for a few reasons:
1) The jokes will be at a minimum 2) This one has nothing to do with tech, websites, or anything related, and 3) I’m writing from Infomedia as a whole instead of as myself because it’s all of us supporting this cause and my family not just me, and I’m thankful for that.

Early July, over a meal together at our favorite restaurant, my mom gathered our family to gently tell us that her doctor had found a lump in her breast. A day went by and the mammogram results came back…suspected malignancy. Two days went by, and Mom went in for a biopsy…breast cancer.

I walked back to my desk with my head and my heart in my hands and puddled beneath my chair. What is even normal to feel in those moments when words hit your ears that pierce so deep they deafen you with their scream?

In the recent weeks we’ve met with a surgeon, an oncologist, and scheduled a lumpectomy, had a lumpectomy, healed, recovered, and kept on trucking better and stronger than ever. We’ve talked, we’ve prayed, we’ve hugged, and we’ve spent sweet time together that this news so bittersweetly afforded us.

So, with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month and Birmingham’s Race for the Cure coming up, Infomedia has created a team in my mom’s honor and we’re inviting you to participate with us. We’ve created several anvenues for you to get involved and help us support my mom and our team in her honor!

    1. Join us in walking the Race For The Cure 5k on October 17th in Birmingham, AL at 9am by joining our team. (Registration is $35)
    2. Make a donation to help us meet our fundraising goals of $1,000.00 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
    3. Purchase an Infomedia breast cancer awareness t-shirt (shown below) and wear it around town to show your support! (T-shirts on sale for a suggested donation of $20 and will be heather navy in color) Email support@infomedia.com to order yours today!
    4. Pray with us. Pray for peace and comfort, support and healing for our family and my sweet mom.


Please note that 100% of funds raised through t-shirt sales will go in directly as donations for our team and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.36.08 PM

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for however you choose to participate. I pray my mom feels the love and support throughout this journey and she feel empowered to conquer anything that faces her. I know with the money that’s raised, we can make a difference together in the lives of those that will someday hear the words that no one in my family expected to hear just two short months ago.

Love and blessings,

Your Infomedia Family

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