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Infomedia launches ContentEdits

Birmingham, Ala. (August 6, 2001) – Infomedia Inc., a web design, application and maintenance company headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., announces the launch of, an application program that enables the editing of any web site hosted on any server anywhere in the world.

The web interface of is similar to that of popular word processing programs allowing the user to cut and paste, format text with bold, underlining and italics, change the color of text, insert pictures, insert web page links and more.

“ContentEdits allows a person to take control of a website,” said John Lovoy, president of Infomedia, Inc. “People no longer have to wait for the webmaster or web design company to make changes to a site. If they can use a word processing program, they can make the changes to the web site themselves,” Lovoy said.

And, one needn’t worry about people making inappropriate changes to the site. ContentEdits is password protected and can enact various privilege levels for each user that can be set on the page level. For example, the vice president of marketing might be able to access the entire site, while a human resources assistant might only have access to the page that features available jobs within the company.

Since 2001, Infomedia has built over 300 web sites using Content Edits. Now Infomedia offers ContentEdits for a nominal setup fee where a small piece of code is embedded into the user’s web site, and a low monthly licensing fee. The user also has the ability to “turn off” ContentEdits at anytime.

ContentEdits’s ease of use, ability to function on any server with web pages created by any method and the fact that there is no cumbersome software that must be installed on a computer is what sets ContentEdits apart from other content editing programs.

Current clients of Infomedia that are using ContentEdits include:


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