How We’re Keeping Cool This Summer

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It’s here again, the most wonderful time of the year if you’re an ice-cream man or a gnat. The rest of us are miserable and picturing how we’d look if we buzzed all our hair off. Even the women.

With that in mind, here are the four ways we’re beating the heat this summer.

1) Observing Summer Vacation

Once upon a time we wouldn’t have been leaving the house during weather like this. We slept in until 11 and that was the most productive our day got. We were also much smaller and cooled more efficiently, maybe? I think that’s how that works.

While we can’t take three months off now, we can try and maintain a sense of childlike wonder. Nerf gun fights, bowling nights, avoiding the girls because they have cooties, all help put us in a summer mindset.

2) Keeping The Space Heater Running

This one takes some explaining, and it depends on who you ask. Some of our offices have small space heaters that stay running during the whole day. Why would you do that when it’s above 90 degrees outside? Easy. Keeping the heater running raises your internal body temperature. This means you’re immune to the heat once you step outside because your inner temperature matches the outer temperature. You only feel hot when you’re cold on the inside. That isn’t sweat, it’s cold water squeezing out so you equalize.

But really, they keep this building frigid regardless of the temperature on the outside. It’s probably so we don’t fall asleep on the job, but we stay busy enough to remedy that situation anyway.

3) Building Cool New Sites

I know. This is the other meaning for “cool,” but I never specified so it’s fair game.

4) Keeping Up With the Cool New Trends

Responsiveness, SEO, the latest plugins. We keep up with all of it to ensure your site is as modern as possible. How does this keep us cool? You can’t buzz all your hair off without a cutting edge.

I probably won’t be allowed to blog after this groanfest.

About Tyler

Tyler belongs to the Coach Eric Taylor school of programming: “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.” That dedication and passion for our clients, plus Tyler’s love of problem solving and teamwork, makes him perfect for us here at Infomedia. At work in his New Bern, North Carolina office, Tyler’s likely to have Podcast Republic on his headphones and a snack of baby carrots and siracha close at hand. When he’s not solving client problems, Tyler’s probably catching up on classics like Tommy Boy, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Indian Jones or The Simpsons. He loves hanging out with his wife, Natalie, their cat, Wilhelmina, and their dogs, Bo and Holly.

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