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How to Throw a Well-Rounded Pi Day Party

Definitely one of the geekiest holidays around, Pi Day is a great excuse to throw an unexpected office party. This official holiday celebrates the mathematical constant Pi (Pi = 3.14 and March 14th = 3.14), but you don't have to be a numbers wizard to enjoy it. From tasty treats to fun activities, these are all the things you need to plan your own Pi Day party.

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At Infomedia, we’re all about taking any chance we’ve got to celebrate. Whether it’s the launch of a new site or widely observed holidays, you know there’s going to be a party in the office. This is no different for Pi Day, a date cherished by math enthusiasts and bakers alike. When food and mathematics are involved, count us in!

Math plays a large role in our company. It allows us to create beautiful and functional websites, write complicated code, and do a variety of other important tasks that keep Infomedia running. For those of us who find math mind-boggling, Pi Day can be a wonderful excuse to indulge in pizza (pies) and dessert pies alike. If you’re interested in throwing your own Pi Day party (whether at your home or office), then read below for fun food and game suggestions.

Pi Day Food

Your options are almost limitless when it comes to good food choices for Pi Day. Since Pi is a ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, pretty much any circular foods can be used to celebrate. But if you want to keep things in the right shape and have “pie” in the name, then we suggest an event involving pizza (pie) and regular dessert pies.

To calculate how much pie-themed food you’ll need to order (or cook):

  • Pizza: A large pizza usually yields 8 slices and a hungry adult will often eat 3 slices. So to calculate how much pizza you should order, multiply the amount of guests by 3 and then divide by 8. Always round up to avoid anyone leaving hungry! If you don’t feel like doing the calculations yourself (despite this being a math-based holiday), you can always use Gawker’s fancy pizza calculator.
  • Dessert Pies: Most 9-inch pies are cut into 6 slices. Assuming everyone wants a piece, you’ll need to calculate how many to bake by taking the amount of guests, dividing it by 6, and then rounding up.

Pi Day Activities

While our office usually just celebrates with slices of pizza and pie, you can get a little more extreme if you want by planning activities for your own event.

  • Pie Swap: Because you just can’t have too much sugar on Pi Day, also host this dessert-dominated activity. Have a sign-up sheet in the office for participants, and make sure everyone brings containers to transport their sweet slices home in.
  • Recite the Digits of Pi: This is kind of like a rap battle, but a tad lamer and with a lot more numbers. Round up your nerdiest coworkers and challenge them to recite Pi digits for as long as they can go. Give the winner a Pi ice cube tray (and maybe a pat on the back).

If you want to know more about how math factors into Infomedia’s process and how we can help you build an impressive website, contact us to schedule a free consultation.


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