A Homepage Video Is Worth More Than 1,000 Words

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video has to be worth more. Right? Learn how to put your best foot (or webpage) forward with a homepage video that showcases your brand’s personality.

Why Use a Homepage Video

We’ve already mentioned that homepage videos allow you to make an excellent first impression on your website visitors. But why else would you want to have one?


If someone is checking out your website, then they’re most likely hoping to learn about your business and what you do. Not only does a homepage video inform and engage, but it also establishes your credibility and professionalism. Investing in high-quality production shows your website visitors that they can trust you to pay attention to the details and meet their needs. 


The goal of most websites is to convert visitors into customers. A compelling homepage video can help you get there. Did you know that website visitors spend 88% more time on a website when it features a video? This gives you more opportunities to convince them to take action, whether making a purchase, filling out a form or subscribing to your newsletter. 


Search engines — like Google — prioritize websites with video content. Because homepage videos keep your visitors on your site longer, search engines recognize it as valuable content and show your site to more people. By optimizing your homepage video for SEO, you can improve your website’s visibility, organic traffic and overall search rankings. 

How to Use Homepage Video on Your Website

There are several different ways that you can highlight a video on your homepage. Which one you choose depends on your specific needs, goals and budget. 

Hero Loop

One option for a homepage video is a hero loop video, also known as a hero video or a hero background video. This is a video at the top or “hero” section of your website’s homepage. It’s typically a continuous loop (hence the “loop” in hero loop video). If you want to see an example, just check out our homepage

This visual centerpiece will be the first thing visitors see when they load your website, making it a great way to capture your visitors’ attention and set the tone for your site’s overall messaging and design. Hero loops use strong visuals to tell the story of what your business is all about, usually without audio. 

Because you’re telling a story solely through visuals, hero loop videos require careful editing and shooting. This means investing in professional video production and post-production to get the desired impact and create a memorable experience for your audience.


A lightbox video displays your video in a pop-up or overlay window. Because it darks the surrounding background, it provides a more immersive viewing experience and focuses the user’s attention on the video. The term “lightbox” comes from the traditional photography technique where a subject is illuminated from behind.

Lightbox videos are a great way to use an existing video in an engaging way on your website, saving the budget you’d need for a new video. It can be a little tricky to set up though — our team can help you with adding a lightbox video to your site. 

What You Need to Know for Your Homepage Video

If you’ve never created a video for your business before, it can be easy to get ahead of yourself without creating a plan. This is when it pays off to work with professionals! We have a pre-production meeting with all of our clients to make sure everyone is on the same page before we ever press record.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your next homepage video:

Keep It Quick

You have a lot to say — we get it. But your audience will (on average) spend less than one minute on your homepage. That means you need to get to the main point as quickly as possible to make sure that your visitors get the takeaway you’re wanting to show them. 

Don’t Overshare

This one ties in with the first tip — but it’s important enough to repeat. Even if your product or service is revolutionary and you want your visitors to know every detail about it — your homepage isn’t the place to do that. 

A homepage video is how you grab your audience’s attention. Then, encourage them to continue learning about your product or service by visiting other pages on your site.

Speak to Your Audience

If your audience is made up of no-nonsense accountants, then you wouldn’t want to make a funny, quirky video to tell them about your business. (No offense to the accountants out there.) Your video should reflect your business and speak to your audience clearly and effectively. 

Remember: Your audience’s first impression of your brand often comes from the homepage video. Make it count! 

Get the Help You Need

Homepage videos can be a game changer for your business — but only if done correctly. If you’re ready to take your website to the next level and create a professional homepage video that leaves a great first impression, reach out to us today. Our experienced team is here to help you bring your brand to life and make a memorable impact. 

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