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How to create the perfect support ticket

Helping our clients is our number one priority but without all of the proper information, sometimes it is hard to do.

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Help Me, Help You.

As the Customer Service Lead at Infomedia, I am greeted each day with a myriad of support tickets that range from simple content changes to complex errors and issues. My goal is always to answer these tickets as quickly and as efficiently as possible, but without all of the proper information, that goal can sometimes be quite difficult to achieve.

In order for the Customer Support team to help you, we need specific information for each support type. This information is needed so that we can resolve your support ticket quickly, the first time that it is reported to us.When submitting a ticket to Customer Support –, your issue generally falls into two categories, Content Changes or Issues/Errors.

Content Change Support Requests should include:

  1. Your website url
  2. The content that you want added/changed
  3. Detailed instructions of where the new content should go, including the url of the page.

    Issue/Error Support Requests should include:

    1. Your Website Url
    2. A detailed description and screenshot of the error
    3. The steps you took before receiving the error/noticing the issue.
    4. The url of the page that you were on when you received the error and/or found the issue
    5. Any further information that would help us troubleshoot or recreate the error/issue

    By providing us with all of the information up front, it saves time and allows us to resolve your support request quickly and without a lot of back and forth.

    If you ever have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact customer support. We are always happy to help!

    Pamela Sanderson

    About Pamela

    If Infomedia is a circus (and it can be, sometimes), Pam is our ringmaster: She runs the show, keeping us on-track when we clown around, calming the roar of incoming projects and effortlessly walking the tightrope of tricky technical details. Pam handles everything from client trainings to website trouble-shooting to scheduling, and it’s clear she has a passion for what she does, for her clients, and for each and every team member here at Infomedia. When she’s not saving the world website at a time, she’s probably reading, camping with her husband, or enjoying one of her guilty pleasures (ice, Chinese food and lemon bars).

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