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When Clients Are Like Family: Saying Goodbye to Harmony Landing

We'll miss Harmony Landing, but we're happy for owner Rilla Foley's new adventure!

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It’s always bittersweet when a great client decides to retire. We’re excited for their new adventure, but a little bit sad to lose our day-to-day communication. So when our longtime client and friend Rilla Foley let us in on the news that she’s closing her shop, Harmony Landing, we felt that same nostalgic feeling — we’ll miss our chats with Rilla, but we know spending more time with her family will be a fantastic change for her.

Harmony Landing has been in business for nearly 15 years. Rilla opened the store with her daughter, Elizabeth Edwards, in September of 1999, and they named it after their beloved family home in Kentucky. The store is a staple in downtown Homewood, and many consider it the go-to boutique for home decor and unique gifts. Harmony Landing was built on family and relationships, and it’ll be tough for us, and their loyal customer base, to say goodbye — we’ve come to rely on their beautiful pieces, friendly faces, and the store designers’ interior design expertise.

In her letter to customers announcing her retirement, Rilla says she is excited to spend more time with her family, especially the grandkids. “Owning a business like Harmony Landing has afforded me the privilege of knowing wonderful people like you and I thank you. I am so grateful for your friendship and loyalty through the years,” she says.

There is a bright spot for all of us who love Harmony Landing (and even some who haven’t discovered it yet): All merchandise is on sale, and Rilla has lots of further reductions and fun surprises coming as the closing date of June 30 gets closer. (Join the email list through the website to be notified of new sales.) This means we have just enough time to stop in, get some great deals, and wish Rilla the best of luck in this fantastic new chapter of her life. We at Infomedia certainly wish her the best!


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