Happy Mother’s Day!

A little kid blows a dandelion's flowers away

mother's day2013As we all know, yesterday was Mother’s Day! A day of the year that provides us an extra opportunity to celebrate those that so lovingly brought us into the world, raised us until it was time to spread our wings,  and then encouraged us to take flight and find our own way. We celebrate those that stood in as mothers in the times that our real mothers maybe couldn’t and we honor their courage and bravery. Mother’s day also provides us a moment to look back and reflect on those whom we miss and love so deeply that it hurts, but we remember how special a mother is, can be, was, and always will be.

Around here, we all have different jobs, but some of us have a job even bigger than the one Infomedia has employed them with! They’re Mommies! And today, even though Mother’s Day has technically passed, we want to take a minute to honor our sweet women in the office that start their days earlier than the rest of us, work a full-time job, and go home to get in bed much later than the rest of us all to get up and do it all over again day in and day out and still show up with the drive and determination to get things done well at the office. We love you and we honor and respect all you do to make your homes and families what they are! Here’s to your and those sweet faces of the precious lives you’ve blessed this earth with!



Michele has 3 precious boys (Cody, Daniel, & Logan)




Cindy has a pretty little girl and the cutest little boy (Claire & Ben)Cindy



Joy has two beautiful girls and a boy (Lily, Chloe, & Jacob)

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.32.03 PM



Leslie has one wild and crazy, fun little boy! (Wells)




Heather has one precious little boy with one sweet little baby on the way (Max & Baby Acker)




And the Mommy of all Mommies, Mrs. Shawndee Lovoy. Together she and Jason have 4 kiddos (Juliette, Isaac, James, & Mary Rose)



Happy Mother’s Day! We love you all!



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