Happy Father’s Day

Little kid pushing a wagon and hopping into it simultaneously.


Dads are special! When you’re a little girl, he’s the one who slays the monsters under the beds and gives the best advice when you start dating some new bozo in high school. He’s the one that gives you away at your wedding and the one that provides the hugs that make all your fears melt away. When you’re a little boy, he’s the one that teaches you how to throw and catch a baseball and the one that teaches you how to shave before it’s completely necessary. He’s the one that cheers you on from the sideline and the one that tells you he’s most proud of you.

Dads shape our lives and there’s just no way to get around it. And the dads around here at Infomedia shape our lives too. We have a shining perfect example with our father/son duo that run this gig, and boy are we thankful for them. As all of you know, we celebrated another Father’s Day on Sunday, so we wanted to take a few minutes to give our daddies a big shout out and an even bigger thanks for all you do to provide for us and your families. You are loved, appreciated, and honored!


John has two sons and a daughter and 9 grandchildren
(Jason, Jennifer, and Mike)


Jason has two sons and two daughters
(Issac, Juliette, James, & Mary Rose)


Clay has one son and two daughters
(Clayton, Sis, and Emmy)


Brad has one son


Jonathan has one brand new son
(Oliver) walls

Casey has a son and a daughter
(Jossilyn and Grayson)


Jerry has two sons and a daughter
(Jared, Lauren, and Carson)


Jamie has three sons
(Meade, Sumner, and Grayson)


Lance has one son


Happy Father’s Day


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