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Vote for Your Favorite Costume in Our Infomedia Halloween Contest!

Cast your vote for the 2019 Infomedia Halloween office costume contest winner through our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages!

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Those who know Infomedia are aware that we’re not a super competitive bunch. Unless it comes to push-ups for Health Bingo, who met more characters at Star War’s Galaxy Edge and, of course, Halloween costumes. As the leaves turn and the weather cools down, the office reaches a frantic pace as everyone works on their outfits and accessories in the attempt to win this year’s costume contest. To keep things unbiased, we leave the judging to individuals outside of Infomedia.

We’d like you to help us by voting across our social media platforms and we’ll calculate and announce the winner tomorrow morning. Listed below are the contestants and their costume names. You can vote through the Infomedia Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. To vote, simply comment and let us know who you think should win (yes, you may vote on each social media outlet and get three votes if you’d like to triple your input). Your votes must be in by midnight tonight to be counted; we’ll announce the winners tomorrow morning!

Sanderson Sisters (from Hocus Pocus)

Contestants: Leslie, Sam and Amber

The Tin Man

Contestant: Carrie

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Contestants: Michael and Josh


Contestant: Jimmy

Hank, Peggy and Bobby Hill (from King of the Hill)

Contestants: Brad, Janna and Hayley

The Rat King

Contestant: Spencer

Squints (from Sandlot)

Contestant: Stuckey

Hot Dog and Mustard

Contestant: Madison and David


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