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What Does Your Favorite Halloween Candy Say about You?

All this thinking about Halloween candy has given us a major sugar rush, but it also has us thinking about what our favorite candies say about us. What does your candy personality say about you, and who are your sweets-soulmates from Infomedia? Take our quiz to find out!

Bowl of candy

Halloween is coming up this weekend, and we’ve been talking about it a lot: Leslie put up a Halloween tree in her office (it’s decked out in orange lights and skull ornaments), my nails are painted orange and black, and competition for our annual costume contest is already getting fierce.

All this thinking about Halloween candy has given us a major sugar rush, but it also has us thinking about what our favorite candies say about us. Naturally, we took an office poll, and then we asked a candy psychologist* to get to the root of our sweets psyches. What does your candy personality say about you, and who are your sweets-soulmates from Infomedia? Take our super-scientific quiz and find out! **



Question #1: Do you keep your favorite candies hidden away from friends and siblings?

Diagnosis: You’re “The Hoarder”

The Hoarder is a collector, and you’re a treasure trove of information — you store facts just like you store all those bags of Skittles that you bartered away from your brothers. You’re like a piñata full of knowledge, deceptively innocent-looking … but there’s always more than meets the eye.

Your Candy Soulmate Is Amber:

Amber’s the consummate collector: She owns enough Star Wars t-shirts to wear one to work every day for a full month before the movie comes out and not repeat a single shirt twice, and we’re pretty sure she’s squirreling away a drawer full of Snickers bars somewhere in that desk. But Amber is also full of solid advice and information on any topic involving web design, Photoshop or fandom — she holds an amazing amount of knowledge, and she’s ready to share it with us when we need it; all we have to do is ask.

Question #2: Do you pick Rolos, Snickers and Hershey Bars first?

Diagnosis: You’re “The Chocolate Lover”

The Chocolate Lover is a smooth operator, devoted to the classics and always looking for quality. You’re up for any and all chocolate, but of course, you’re also open to compromise — you’ll take a little caramel, peanut butter or toffee with your chocolate bar any day.

Your Candy Soulmate Is Clay

The consummate negotiator, Clay is always on a conference call or a sales call, wheeling and dealing. Clay could probably sell candy to a baby, but he always works hard to make the sale that’s good for both Infomedia AND for the client; now that’s what we call sweet.

Question #3: Do Halloween Peeps, pumpkin-shaped candy corns and Reese’s Fast Breaks make you shake your head in disgust?

Diagnosis: You’re “The Purist”

The Purist hates gimmicky candy and gimmicks in life. No grab bags; no candy shaped like other candy or (God forbid) pumpkins. Give us a Reese’s. Give us a Snickers. Let’s be straightforward in life and in our candy selections. Is The Purist planning on putting on a costume this Halloween? Oh please. Don’t be ridiculous.

Your Candy Soulmate Is Brad

Voted most likely to give you a death glare for acting perky in the morning, Brad is the first one to help you work out an issue with a site you’re working on … and the last one to show up at an office birthday party.

Question #4: Are you constantly choosing candies at the bottom of the plastic jack-o-lantern — the candies other, pickier Trick-or-Treaters have left behind?

Diagnosis: You’re “The Leftovers Lover”

The Leftovers Lover is always willing to follow a project to the very last detail. You never turn down a job, big or small, and you’re always able to find happiness in small pleasures.

Your Candy Soulmate Is Joy

Joy is completely thorough in her work, never pushy, and always ready to share a beer after work. She does some of the best work around, but she never brags about it. (She’s also only person in the office to treat a fig or a clementine like a piece of candy.)

Question #5: Do you like any and all candy?

Diagnosis: You’re “The Sweet Tooth”

The Sweet Tooth definitely has sense of humor (sometimes even a sarcastic one), and is always willing to take on other projects. Sweet Tooths help everyone out and have a hand in every proverbial candy jar and office undertaking.

Your Candy Soulmates Are Leslie and Valerie

We asked everyone to list their favorite candy, and Leslie just kept writing until she ran out of room on her paper. Valerie just wrote, “Who hates candy? Seriously?”

The good news when it comes to this quiz: There are no wrong answers — and no wrong candy, either. (Unless you like those peanut butter Mary Janes; you’re on your own on that one.) There’s more than enough candy to go around in our office, and we wish the same for your office, too. Check back on Friday for the results of our office costume contest (yes, we promise, we’ll have pictures), and until then, share your candy personality with us by commenting on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

* We didn’t ask a Candy Psychologist. We made this up.

** This quiz isn’t scientific at all.


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