Hilarious Costumes – Halloween 2015

Infomedia employees dressed in costumes for halloween

We know it’s a day early, but since we aren’t in the office on Saturdays we all dressed up for some super snazzy Halloween shenanigans today! The competition was fierce, and the judges deliberated longer than any other year before (which is how you know the costumes were extra awesome this year.) We had individual costume entries and even a group entry this year! Here a look at what we were working with. What’t your favorite?

Russell from UP
Lance came as Russell from UP
These two cuties came as "french kiss"
These two cuties came as “french kiss”
Leslie looked awesome in her Game of Thrones costume complete with fake wolf and bow and arrow.
Leslie looked awesome in her Game of Thrones costume complete with fake wolf and bow and arrow.
Carrie used her magic wand to try and persuade us to vote for her Hermione costume.
We wouldnt let Stuckey the lumberjack chop any trees down but he sure did try.
We had the whole cast of Willy Wonka show up AND win the 1st prize trophy
The Energizer Bunny just kept going and going and going and going and going and going….
Miranda the YouTube sensation. Check her out in real life here
We had a cop and an inmate. Dont worry, theyre married in real life.
Heres Darla as Darla from Finding Nemo!
The Support Department
Sometimes Stuckey mistakes people for trees
Pam got her face painted and was a skeleton bride
Jason rocked this mustache. Recognize him?
…and Penny

The winnnnerrrrrs were……. 

1st place – Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

2nd place – The Energizer Bunny


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