Five Reasons to Come to August’s Lunch & Learn

Ready to learn how to put your Analytics to work? Come to our free Lunch & Learn August 17, 2017 at Innovation Depot in Birmingham, AL.

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If you joined us for our Google Analytics 101 course, get ready to move to the head of the class for our next class in the series. (And if you missed the 101 course, you can catch up by watching the free Google Analytics 101 webinar here.) Now that you’ve set up a Google Analytics account and added a tracking code, it’s time to dig into the data. Register for “Analytics 102: Making Your Analytics Work for You,” in which we’ll share expertise on understanding the story told by the numbers. We’ll cover:

How to develop an analysis strategy

We’ll discuss which numbers matter most for what you’re trying to accomplish — whether that’s product sales, repeat visits or additional site visitors.

How to convert your audience

Now that you know who they are and where your audience comes from, you can use the data to get them to take actions that count for your business.

How to make custom reports

Build reports that provide just the information you need through dashboard, shortcuts, and custom segments. We’ll also discuss the importance of the Ecommerce, Segments, Goals and Events features.


The free lunch we cater from Taziki’s is a big part of what makes Lunch & Learns a success — because it’s easier to justify spending your lunch break on professional enrichment if you know you’ll be able to actually enjoy a meal while you learn. And if you’re looking for a place to network in Birmingham, you’ve found it — most of our Lunch & Learn students work at up-and-coming businesses in the Birmingham area, and there’s plenty of time to mingle and chat before and after class.

Seats and lunch are limited, so click here to sign in and claim your free Infomedia Lunch & Learn ticket. (And if you can’t make it this month, check out our 2017 Lunch & Learn schedule.) Because if anyone tells you “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” you’ll know they haven’t met us here at Infomedia.


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