How to Get Noticed on Google Image Search

Google Images account for at least a third of all of Google’s searches. Visuals are so important for online marketing, especially today with social media. Visual imagery helps you stand out and build a better identity with potential customers, but did you know images can also boost the SEO of your website and increase the number of users who see your page?

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Here are some ways to learn how to use images to boost your website’s search engine rankings:

Optimize Your File Name

Instead of using automated file names that are filled with random letters and numbers, rename your image files to title the image. If the image is a picture of a person holding a hot cup of coffee outside name it something like “hot-coffee-outside.jpg.” By using a few simple words to describe the image, Google will pick up on these keywords and it will improve your search results on Google Images.


Google does not favor websites that take too long loading images. By reducing your image file size, you can have a faster load time and it may help boost your Google web results.

When reducing the file sizes you may be at risk of losing the image quality, which is something you want to avoid. If you are taking the photo on a professional camera you will need to resize the image. The standard image size for websites is about 72dpi. If your images were taken with an iPhone, no need to worry about the image size. These photos will not need to be compressed.

Our team wrote a detailed blog about image resizing if you are interested in more detail on this subject.

Alt Text

Alt text is used when an image cannot load. Alt text will appear to describe the image and this is another easy way for Google to boost your SEO ranking. Visually impaired users also use alt text to find out what images are included in articles. Write out your alt text with the same descriptors you’d use in your file name.

If you are interested in learning more about your website’s analytics and Google ranking, please contact us today and ask us for a free website audit.


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