New Infomedia Webinars about Blogging, Social Media & More!

We’ve been offering a series of Lunch & Learn trainings for years now, and we love being able to teach you more about using your website to get the very best for your company. We’ve been able to give trainings on Google Analytics, blogging, social media, digital marketing, content entry and more. We listen to what you want to know, and we try to address that in our Lunch & Learn topics.

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But not everybody can come to a Lunch & Learn. Our out-of-state clients can’t just drop by for a quick training in downtown Birmingham, and even for those clients who live in town, the timing doesn’t always work out. So what happens if you have to miss the very Lunch & Learn you most wanted to hear? For the past season of Lunch & Learns, we’ve broadcasted through Facebook Live, but it’s hard to get the sound and picture exactly right in that live setting.

So we’re very excited to announce a new project — Infomedia Webinars. Just follow this link to the Training Videos section of our website. We’re hoping to record as many Lunch & Learns as possible as webinars after the broadcast so anyone can benefit from the training. You can watch the webinar presentation through the link, and you can access the slides through SlideShare so you can see them up-close.

Our first webinar of the season (last month’s Lunch & Learn), Tune up Your Website from developer Jonathan Walls, is live now. You’ll probably notice that we had a few issues with the video (Jonathan freezes — oops!). We’re still working out a few bugs like that on the production end, but you’ll be able to hear Jonathan’s complete talk, see the slides and follow along. We hope you love it!

We also recorded a few talks from last year’s Lunch & Learn series. Here’s what’s available to watch now; you’ll find all videos on the webinar page:

  • Rethink Content Strategy: Get More from your Newsletter, Emails & Social Media
  • What Should My Blog Say? Learn to Write Blogs that Suit your Business
  • Optimize Your eCommerce Site for Holiday Sales, Shipping & Traffic

Will you get everything from the webinar that you’d get at a live Lunch & Learn? Not quite — we provide free food and snacks at our Innovation Depot events, and try as we might, we couldn’t deliver a Taziki’s cookie through the website. Live Lunch & Learn events also leave time for questions and a chat with the presenters, so there will always be good reasons to come to our live events. Also, there may be a couple of Lunch & Learns each season that we’re just not able to record, although our goal is to record as many as possible. Click here to sign up for a live Lunch & Learn.

We hope this new service helps you and your team get your website even more prepared to meet your client needs and to post bigger sales and better numbers. We love helping to make your websites more effective, and we’re hoping to do just a little bit better job at that every day. Our webinar series is a work in progress, so please let us know what you think! Email your thoughts to marketing@infomedia.com, or leave a comment on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you!


About Carrie

Carrie has been copyediting and writing for fifteen years. Her skills were forged in the newsroom at The Birmingham Post-Herald and she’s a huge book nerd (she moonlights as Southern Living’s book reviewer), but a love of paper and ink hasn’t stopped her from mastering the digital world as well: She’s had a blog pretty much since they existed, and she’s run social media for companies big and small. Carrie’s always ready to take on a new communication challenge, lecture us about the proper use of semicolons, or defend the fact that her Instagram account is filled with selfies.

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