Five Signs You Need a New Website

If you’re already asking yourself if it’s time for a new website, then odds are that the answer is yes. Unfortunately, most businesses still use completely outdated websites — no longer driving significant traffic or engagement. That’s why we put together some red flags that you should keep an eye on. If you answer yes to any of these questions, it’s past time for a new website.

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Are You Lacking Click-to-Call Buttons?

Click-to-call buttons (meaning your website visitors can tap on your number and automatically call your business) are essential for mobile website traffic. This is the easiest way to start conversations and create conversions.

If you don’t have click-to-call buttons on your website, then you’re almost certainly missing out on customer engagement.

Does Your Website Have Cheesy Stock Photography?

Nothing dates a website more than outdated, cheesy stock photography. What makes stock photography cheesy? For the most part, it’s unrealistic emotions, overdone saturation and abstract photos. You want your website images to be as realistic and relatable as possible. 

Pro tip: Photography doesn’t have to be difficult. With some helpful tips, you can use tasteful stock photography or phone photography for great website photography.

Are You Seeing Broken Links and Images?

If links and images on your website aren’t working anymore, then that’s a major red flag that it’s time for a new website! Not only does it mean that your website visitors can’t get the information that they need, but it also makes your business look less professional and trustworthy.

Are You Missing an SSL Certificate?

Don’t know what an SSL Certificate is? Then that probably means your website doesn’t have one! Even though they’re standard with new website builds, they usually weren’t included with older websites. 

If your website doesn’t have an SSL Certificate (or a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate), then potential website visitors are warned that your website may not be safe. In today’s world, this is a major red flag. You’re almost guaranteed to lose website traffic because of it.

Are You Unhappy with Your Website?

When you tell someone to visit your website, do you start with “Well, we haven’t updated our website in a while…”? Or maybe, you’d rather send someone to your Facebook page and have them completely avoid your website? 

If this happens to you, it probably means that your website isn’t showing the side of your business that you want customers to see. Your website is a vital part of your brand and business — it should tell your customers exactly what your business does and what they can expect from you. You don’t want an outdated website doing the talking for your business.

If You Said Yes, Then Say Yes to a New Website!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to get a new website to represent you and your business. A new website can generate leads, increase sales and even drive business. 

We want you to be proud of your website, and that’s exactly the kind of website that we build here at Infomedia. Contact us today to find out what we can do to create a beautiful, user-friendly website for your business. 

Alana Harmond

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