Why Every Business Website Should Blog

For most businesses, blogs tend to fall in the “maybe later” stack of projects. As in maybe later when we have more manpower, maybe later when we have a bigger budget or maybe later when we have more time.

Odds are that “maybe later” isn’t going to come, and you just miss out on all the benefits of blogging. Keep reading to learn why you should make “maybe later” now and prioritize blogging on your business’s website.

Humanize Your Brand

Your carefully crafted website copy should give your website visitors a clear idea about your products and services. Blogs allow your business to go deeper and talk to your visitors on a more personal level. It’s a great place for you to share exciting news, industry knowledge or even “behind the scenes” of your company.   

Establish Yourself as an Expert

Yes, blogging can give your brand a conversational voice. But it can also establish your business’s website as an expert! By posting consistent, relevant content, you’re telling your website visitors that your business is credible and stays on top of the most recent industry trends and innovations.

Share Compelling Content

It’s no secret that your website and social media work together to boost your digital marketing efforts. And blogs give you an edge when creating your social media and website strategy. How? Because regardless of what platforms you’re on, you can post all that great original content to your social media platforms. Not only will this boost your social media engagements, but it’ll also drive traffic back to your business’s website! Pro tip: As long as that blog is still relevant, you can repurpose it and post it to social media again in the future.

Boost SEO Performance

The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing, and Google’s in the process of changing to Helpful Content, which is a push to focus more on people-first content rather than creating content for search engines. That doesn’t mean blogs aren’t important, but it does mean to focus on sharing good information that conveys authority instead of focusing on getting new blogs up all of the time. While consistency is important, quality is now more important than quantity.

Use Blogging to Benefit Your Business Website

By now, we’ve hopefully convinced you that blogging isn’t something that can wait for “maybe later.” If you’re ready to get started with blogging today, our expert team can help with everything from creating a blog section on your website, to choosing relevant topics, to actually writing the blogs themselves! Get in touch today to get started.

Alana Harmond

About Alana

Alana has always had a love for writing and all things creative. She graduated from UAB with a degree in Marketing and concentration in social media management, and she now carries her passion into her position at Infomedia as Content Strategist. When she’s not typing up copy for a client’s website or providing a continuous supply of pink Starbursts to her officemates, you can find Alana hanging out with her friends and her cats, Iver and Rosy. She also enjoys singing and playing guitar, taking care of 90+ houseplants, and compiling her “one second every day” video.

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