You’ve Got Mail: Writing an Email Newsletter People Actually Read

Are your email newsletters going unopened? Try these five tweaks.

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You’ve listened to the pros (ahem). You’ve dedicated yourself to sending relevant content in a well-designed e-newsletter. You choose a snazzy subject line and make sure there are no typos. You click send, then you wait.

And wait.

You check your Analytics. And they reveal something troubling: the recipients of your carefully composed newsletter haven’t even opened it.

Now here’s where some people would quit, figuring the effort is not worth their time. Instead of throwing in the towel, consider the following five tweaks that can help get your next newsletter opened.

Mix it Up

We’re all about some great copy, but keep your content interesting from a visual perspective. Choose a flattering template and incorporate photos and video. Try including some company trivia for fun. Above all, make sure your content isn’t purely promotional. Your clients get it: you’re a business. But being super-pushy about your products is one reason your email may never get opened.

Gimme, gimme

It’s a scientific fact: people like free stuff. OK, maybe not, but offering a useful giveaway — whether it’s a product, service, special promo code or company swag — that requires to the newsletter to be read and interacted with in some way can be a successful tactic. A seasonal or surprise giveaway can be a special treat and something your readers look forward to.

Find Your Focus

Choose a theme each month and stick with it. If your newsletter’s content is all over the place, your readers may lose interest fast. Just like in real life, having a roadmap keeps things on track. Take a hint from the magazine industry and choose a focal point, then build your material around it. And reviewing your analytics can be a tip to the type of content your readers can’t wait to read.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Your newsletter can be used to educate, inform and even entertain your audience. But it’s especially valuable when it shares information that readers can use immediately. So don’t be afraid to share tips, tricks, and best practices. You can even dedicate space to answering questions from readers. Don’t give away proprietary information, but use the newsletter as a tool to establish your expertise. Your readers will come to rely on your knowledge as a trusted resource.

Hey, That’s Me!

Why is social media so popular? Because people want to share what’s happening in their lives. So take a page from Instagram or YouTube and be sure to include features on your employees and/or clients. It’s another way to share your company’s culture and to show appreciation for your clients and staff. Don’t be afraid to show them off.

Wondering what we use to send effective email newsletters at Infomedia? Find out why we think MailChimp is the top banana.


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