Eddleman Goes Interactive – New website engages via Twitter, Facebook and Blogging

Eddleman takes on-line marketing to the next level, using the latest social media tools.

Eddleman Properties Goes InteractiveEddleman Properties has long been recognized as Birmingham’s premier developer of master planned communities, so it’s not surprising Eddleman has chalked up yet another industry “first”- developing one of the most innovative social media marketing initiatives in town. With the launch of their new website,, designed by Infomedia, Eddleman takes on-line marketing to the next level, using the latest social media tools including Facebook, Twitter and blogging to engage prospective clients and take them inside Eddleman communities. They’re taking it a step further, too. Eddleman has created Facebook groups for Eddleman neighborhoods, places where “real-life” neighbors can plug into on-line tools to organize events and post neighborhood news.

“When we decided that we needed to revamp our web site, what was appealing about Infomedia was that we retained the power to change what we needed in the content, at a moment’s notice”, says Emily Eddleman, Director of Advertising, PR and Social Media.  “With our new site I can update the content the minute something changes to ensure that our customers and online followers are up to date and current on what is going on in our company.”

Another benefit? Social media is engaging. In a creative twist to market the April Parade of Homes, Eddleman is adding a social media angle as the company introduces smart homes technologies that incorporate technology to enhance lifestyle.  People who visit Eddleman’s “Cottage with a Brain” home at Chelsea Park and talk about it on Twitter will have a chance to win an Eddleman Technology Package that includes an Apple TV, Apple Mac Mini, a 1 TB External hard drive, and a system that ties it all together. The Parade of Homes campaign is likely the first of many instances in which Eddleman will apply creative new tactics in online interaction. (click here for more information on the giveaway)

“We are excited to see where we go from here and how we further adapt to this new age in media,” says Eddleman. Meantime, the Eddleman website, Facebook pages and Twitter portals are enjoying a growing number of visitors and the company is building a social media model that’s attracting attention and praise from the real estate industry and Eddleman community homeowners.

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